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In March this year, Mr. Peng, the owner of Jinhu Tiandi, who lives in Jinyin lake, Hankou, signed a decoration contract with Wuhan Huafeng Lijin decoration company. He spent 43900 yuan to decorate his new house in the form of "half package", and the contract expired on June 20. However, until August, the decoration of this house has not been completed. Half a month after Mr. Peng checked in, he found that the interior wall of the new house was leaking. He went to the decoration company for repair many times, but the other party didn't arrange anyone to repair it

what about such a decoration company? What should owners pay attention to when choosing decoration companies? How to choose a good decoration company? The effect of decoration is closely related to the quality of decoration companies. Therefore, when negotiating with decoration companies, decoration owners should master certain skills, which plays a very important role in home decoration. How to negotiate and listen to our opinions may be helpful to you

preliminary contact with home decoration company

at present, there are two ways of quotation for decoration companies: one is that the owner quotes how much he wants to invest, and the decoration company starts to design and quote according to the requirements of the owner; The other is that the owner puts forward specific requirements for room decoration, and the decoration company reports how much it will cost to realize the owner's requirements

many consumers are willing to adopt the second negotiation method in order to avoid decoration companies from exploring the "bottom". Consumers want decoration companies to quote first, and they also have room for comparison and bargaining

in fact, the profit margins of all formal decoration companies are almost the same, the difference is that the design power and after-sales service are good or bad. The owner will only delay his own time and thus delay the construction progress. Therefore, when contacting the decoration company, it is best to express directly to the decoration company how much money you are going to spend and what effect you want to achieve. If the decoration company agrees to undertake the home decoration project of the owner, it can enter the specific design, quotation and negotiation stage

inspect the construction team

the quality of decoration depends largely on the quality of the construction team. So before decoration, the owner should also inspect the construction team used by the decoration company

judging from the current situation, most of the construction teams engaged in home decoration in major cities across the country are foreign personnel. At present, the degree of electrification of decoration works is very high. Generally, powerful construction teams begin to use electric pumps, nail guns and other tools in order to improve quality and efficiency. Therefore, the owner can judge whether the construction team has the corresponding quality from the tools used by the workers

eliminate the loopholes in the decoration contract

after the quotation is approved, the formal decoration company will also sign a construction contract or agreement with the owner. In this contract, the owner should pay attention to the following three issues:

1. The specific requirements and completion date of decoration must be stated in the contract. Some consumers did not pay attention to these two points when signing the contract, which laid a "foreshadowing" for some decoration companies to make rough products and delay the construction period

2. The specific brand or model of decorative materials used must be indicated in the contract to prevent the decoration company from shoddy

3. The provisions on warranty in the contract are essential, and we should distinguish the responsibility: if it is a quality problem of construction or materials, the decoration company should bear all the responsibility; In case of improper use by users, both parties can deal with it through negotiation

consumers need to consider the contents of the contract more carefully before decoration. When choosing a decoration company, it is best to choose a home decoration company with the qualification certificate of construction enterprise or the relevant qualification certificate issued by the relevant department. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the business license of the company is consistent with the company name. Or a decoration company that is guaranteed by a third-party platform such as Wuhan home decoration network. If you participate in the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, you can enjoy the free on-site measurement and design scheme of three decoration companies, and can also provide you with budget review and later water and electricity supervision for free. Registration phone: 400-607-2258 [free registration]





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