Tianjin launches air purifying paint to prevent de

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At present, with the improvement of people's living standards, the renewal period of decoration of residential rooms is constantly shortened, and the expectation of choosing decoration materials is also constantly improving. It is required that decoration materials should not only provide comfortable functions, beautiful decoration, durability of quality, but also ensure the environmental protection and safety of people's living

through the research and development of technicians in the coating industry, using advanced photocatalyst and other comprehensive technologies, a highly functional coating - "air purification wall paint" has been developed. In the near future, this new coating product will be put on the market, which will provide protection for the safety and environmental protection of consumers. After this paint is applied to the wall, when a toxic odor is generated in the indoor air, the adsorbent in the paint can absorb a large number of toxic odor elements

at present, people's bedroom decoration is to arrange and assemble a large number of decorative materials in the bedroom through various means. Even if materials with toxic and harmful components that do not exceed the standard are selected, toxic components containing formaldehyde and toluene can still be introduced indoors during the accumulation of materials. Therefore, hurting residents has become the root cause of the disease

according to coating experts and technicians, "air purification wall paint" has a high hardness and is easy to apply. Without adding any organic solvents, VOC fully meets national standards. Painting the walls of new rooms and old rooms can also purify the air




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