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Before decoration, people will do a lot of preparatory work, among which consulting experts is the most common preparation. It can let each owner understand the relevant matters of family decoration, and it is an essential and important link in the whole decoration process. The consulting objects are often professional decoration companies, hoping to learn about decoration matters through consultation. But many people often consult because of improper methods. But we can't get valuable information. So how to consult the decoration company to help yourself? Next, let me give you three tips: first, don't call meaningless telephone consultation

people often call the decoration company like this to ask: how much do I have to spend on the decoration of a two bedroom apartment? This makes the decoration company unable to answer. Simply asking the price of the decoration company by phone as the only standard to measure the decoration company is easy to fall into the misunderstanding of price and ignore some other important factors in the decoration except price. The decoration grade is different, and the price is naturally different, so when consulting the decoration price, don't ask the price by phone in general, but talk with the designer in person, and provide him with the decoration content and specific requirements as detailed as possible. In this way, the designer can calculate a quotation with reference value according to your requirements and the actual area of the room. 2、 Listen first and then consult. We are not professional designers. Some ideas are only seen from others or books, and may not be suitable for our own bedroom. So in the design consultation, you might as well be a student first and listen to the opinions of designers

because people generally have their own decoration plan before decoration, it is easy to be self-centered in design consultation. At the beginning, they say: I don't want to install a dado, or I want to install a big mirror in the hall, so that designers can only follow your ideas, but your ideas may not be the best. You just need to explain your occupation, hobbies and the decoration effect you want to achieve to the designer. He can make a personalized design for the decoration from a professional perspective according to your personal and bedroom characteristics. If you are not satisfied with his design, you can deny it face to face. Ask the designer to provide you with several schemes for you to choose. In this way, through repeated comparison and negotiation, you will find a design scheme that you are satisfied with. Of course, such professional design is generally charged. Because the designer's responsibility is not only to design the room, but also to design the investment for you. He will help you make a reasonable allocation of funds and determine the investment focus in the room decoration according to your investment plan. 3、 The model room can also see the doorway. Some customers often ask to see the model room of the decoration company. If they feel good, they will then talk with the decoration company. In fact, to see the model room, we should also have a purposeful, focused and targeted view, so as to truly see the management and service of the decoration company. First of all, we should first understand the overall situation of the decoration company. A beautiful model room does not represent the level of all the construction teams of the decoration company. If there is no strict internal management system and quality assurance system to restrict every designer, supervisor and construction team of the decoration company, it is difficult to ensure that the quality of every project done by the company is in a stable state. Therefore, before looking at the model room, you should first understand the qualification and various management systems of the decoration company, and then go to investigate the model room after obtaining preliminary trust. Secondly, when visiting the model room, don't just watch the excitement, but focus on your own needs. In addition, it will be more helpful for you to take a look at the half completed project and the completed project. During the visit, you should also pay attention to the situation on the site, such as whether the materials are stacked neatly, whether the workers are dressed uniformly, whether there are fire-fighting equipment, and whether other management systems learned during the consultation are implemented on the construction site, etc. In short, when you are consulting about decoration, you should consider the overall situation of the decoration company as you consider the performance price ratio when shopping, and then choose carefully. Now the competition in the home decoration industry is not only price, but also management and service




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