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Ericsson, Verizon and Qualcomm have broken through the Gigabit rate in North America

Ericsson, Verizon and Qualcomm technologies, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, have jointly broken through the Gigabit rate barrier. In the experiment of Ericsson laboratory, the three parties made use of commercial silicon and network infrastructure, including Qualcomm snapdragon TM LTE modem (the first modem supporting category 18 LTE rate), which was the first in the world to achieve a download rate of 1.07gbps (Gigabit/s). The realization of this rate is one of the important achievements of the continuous development and progress of LTE technology

1.07 Gbps not only benefits from the recently released LAA (license assisted access) technology's support for Gigabit LTE networks, but also improves the spectrum efficiency of commercial networks and terminals to a new level by using three 20MHz FDD spectra (frequency division duplex uses separate transmit and receive frequencies). The improvement of spectrum efficiency will not only enable customers to enjoy the Gigabit experience, but also promote the innovation of wireless networks

Ericsson, Verizon and Qualcomm technologies achieved the milestone of 1.07gbps using 12 synchronous LTE streams, increasing the peak data rate and capacity by 20% and the average rate accordingly. In the test, Ericsson's wireless communication system, LTE software and mobile test terminal equipped with snapdragon x with two collet 20 LTE modems were used to achieve a high rate of 1.07gbps

in the laboratory, all licensed spectrum has achieved a rate of 1.07gbps in combination with the following configuration:

12 LTE streams, with FDD spectrum aggregated by 3 cellular carriers

4 MIMO per carrier (multiple input multiple output), and multiple antennas are used on the cellular tower and consumer terminals to optimize the data rate

256 QAM per carrier, so that the customer terminal and the network can exchange a large amount of information and transfer more data bits in each transmission, Significantly improve the data rate

nicola palmerverizon wireless chief network officer

verizon, as a technology leader, continuously promotes innovation to meet customer needs. Today's results once again show that Verizon has always been forward-looking and predicted customers' future needs when deploying the most advanced technologies for customers in a real environment

fr hopes to help you edrik jejdling, head of Ericsson's network business department

Ericsson is actively cooperating with various industries to improve the end-user experience, develop new functions with higher spectrum efficiency of LTE, and promote technological progress. Ericsson, together with Verizon and Qualcomm technologies, realized the 1.07 Gbps rate on the commercial chipset this time, which is a major problem in the development of 5g; 3 removal, 1 reduction and 1 compensation rdquo; Milestones for

mike Finley, senior vice president and President of Qualcomm technologies in North America

qualcomm technologies has been at the forefront of promoting the industry to achieve Gigabit LTE. We work with Ericsson and Verizon to leverage our snapdragon X20 l2 It is best to equip the computer with te modem, which is the first to break through the Gigabit rate. This milestone achievement of 5g development will provide a higher average rate for all users and will bring exciting new consumption experience

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