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On April 13, Ericsson, FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "FAW Jiefang") and China Mobile's government and enterprise customer branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement on intelligent commercial vehicles in Changchun FAW technology center, opening in-depth cooperation in the field of commercial vehicle intelligence and informatization, and jointly promoting the industrialization of intelligent commercial vehicles, Give full play to the potential of connected cars

at the signing site, the three party cooperation is an important part of FAW's strategy to liberate Zhitu commercial vehicles. At the press conference on the same day, FAW Jiefang also signed cooperation agreements with Baidu, Hengrun, Bosch, Continental, ZF, wmart group, etc. to carry out the standard of smell to develop intelligent commercial vehicles, research core technologies, market promotion and operation, etc. FAW Jiefang, together with many industry partners, aims to build a whole industry chain ecosystem for the R & D, production and operation of intelligent driving commercial vehicles

based on the tripartite cooperation agreement, FAW Jiefang, China Mobile and Ericsson will establish a strategic cooperation alliance of intelligent commercial vehicle service, jointly develop relevant products and promote technology application. The three parties will work together to develop the smart commercial vehicle service market, discuss the operation mode and promote the industrialization process. In addition, the three parties will also carry out in-depth research on the basic technology of intelligent commercial vehicle couplets and continuously improve the core key technologies

as a strategic partner of FAW Jiefang, Ericsson will provide technical solutions such as intelligent driving and car coupling for FAW Commercial Vehicles; China Mobile will provide the on-board communication service capability required by FAW Commercial Vehicles in the near future

show the majestic intelligent commercial vehicle on site

the car coupling solution provided by Ericsson can greatly improve the overall efficiency of the traffic system through v2x communication for the entire traffic network. Through the deployment of intelligent commercial vehicle couplets, FAW Jiefang can achieve a high degree of automation and intelligence of commercial vehicles, such as remotely driving mining area engineering vehicles; Users can choose a new purchase method, that is, they can directly purchase intelligent commercial vehicle services on demand instead of buying a vehicle, which can greatly reduce costs and achieve efficient actual operation

as part of the cooperation, China Mobile will invite FAW Commercial vehicles to join its 5g joint innovation center, and cooperate with Ericsson to provide 5g intelligent driving test environment. When the hardness is measured, the three parties will jointly carry out research in intelligent driving test and commercial operation, explore multi win business model and market promotion

dongchunbo, deputy general manager of FAW Group

FAW Jiefang always adheres to the mission of technology first and independent innovation. With strong strength and ingenuity, it leads the development of the industry driven by innovation, meets the diversified needs of users with excellent quality, continuously introduces new technologies, applies new processes, and creates new products, and has achieved fruitful results, fully realizing the market sales leadership of Jiefang brand. In the future, FAW Jiefang will continue to accelerate the strategic layout of low-carbon, intelligent and information technology, continue to maintain the leading position of medium and heavy-duty vehicles with high quality and high efficiency, accelerate the market segmentation of light-duty vehicles, innovate the R & D and sales mode of new energy, closely follow the needs of customers, and will surely bring more innovative technologies and products expected by users

Weibing, deputy general manager of China Mobile's government enterprise branch, participated in the simple cooperation of this handling method, mainly considering two factors: first, the verification of driverless technology in the new communication network must be completed through the in-depth cooperation of operators, communication equipment manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers; Second, considering that the driving scenario of commercial vehicles is less complex than that of passenger vehicles, it is easier to realize real driverless driving. China Mobile hopes that through this cooperation with FAW Jiefang and Ericsson, it can set a benchmark in the field of commercial vehicle driverless

Chris Houghton, President of Ericsson Northeast Asia region

compared with many other industries, the transportation industry has taken the lead in the process of digital transformation. Whether commercial vehicles or passenger vehicles, the number of interconnected vehicles is growing rapidly. Ericsson has a wide range of global application cases in the field of car service, and can provide a variety of IOT functions. We hope that through extensive and in-depth industry cooperation, we can create new profit sources for customers and promote the industry forward

at the signing ceremony this morning, Fang Ying, executive vice president of Ericsson Northeast Asia, said in response to questions: with the advent of 5g, the field of intelligent driving will undergo great changes and print out test reports. As the leader of 5g communication, we hope to work with our long-term partner China Mobile to make the intelligent driving of FAW Commercial vehicles to a higher level, Make contributions to FAW to maintain its leading position in China's commercial vehicle market

Ericsson has rich experience and practical application cases in the field of 5g intelligent driving. In September, 2016, Ericsson, together with China Mobile and Sun Yat sen University, successfully realized 5g remote driving and automatic driving demonstration. At the Barcelona global mobile communication conference in February this year, Ericsson showed a 5g remote control driving demonstration with tactile feedback. The driver sat at the Pakistan exhibition site and remotely drove a car dozens of kilometers away. When the car encountered obstacles, the driver could feel the tactile signal fed back to the Pakistan exhibition site in real time, and the experience was close to sitting in the car

Ericsson has carried out extensive cooperation with Volvo, Geely, Scania, Peugeot and other industry customers in the IOT field. Ericsson car service solution is supported by Ericsson IOT accelerator, which brings secure world-class mobile connection management and reliable technical partnership through IOT E2E system, rapid IOT deployment and liquidity

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