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Assisting equipment manufacturers and proving the strength of Advantech

the third of a series of solutions to assist Chinese equipment manufacturers to succeed

Advantech has emphasized that assisting Chinese equipment manufacturers to succeed is a major and mission of Advantech in the future through various online media more than once this year. Both the media and the industry, as well as the equipment manufacturers, the direct beneficiaries of the "slogan", strongly feel that Advantech's move will greatly make up for the serious shortage of technical resources of equipment manufacturers to a certain extent, and will accelerate the economic development of various equipment manufacturing industries. But is "assisting success" just a slogan, or is it a concept of "flickering" by Advantech in the industry? A senior from a professional station in the industry disclosed that according to the style of Advantech, assisting success is not just an empty slogan, but a hint that Advantech began to release to the media to pay attention to Chinese equipment manufacturers. It is also a major market strategy of Advantech in the future

in fact, since the concept was put forward at the beginning of the year, Advantech has held a series of seminars in major cities across the country with the theme of "helping Chinese equipment manufacturers succeed". At the "2006 network equipment platform International Forum" just concluded in August, linshifeng, general manager of Advantech embedded computer business group, also emphasized that the equipment manufacturing industry will be an important factor related to the rapid development of China's economy. Advantech will invest sufficient resources in this field, especially in technology to provide the best help

Lin Shifeng's "boast" is not groundless. According to the feedback of many domestic and foreign customers who have cooperated with Advantech, Advantech has reached the top level in the industry in terms of R & D, manufacturing, service and quality control. "In particular, Advantech can assist various equipment manufacturers through technical support and experience sharing, which is one of the few companies that can provide such services so far."

R & D, the symbol of strength

why Advantech can become a global industry leader, people who are not familiar with Advantech generally only look at the surface: "Advantech has been in this industry for more than 20 years and is the first manufacturer to enter the industrial control industry. With experience and routines, it can certainly become the first." In fact, apart from the reason why it was first involved in the field of industrial computers, Advantech's R & D has always been a symbol of its strength and a key factor for Advantech's continuous growth over the years

in China, almost all industries are deficient in R & D. Because there is no leading technology, the development of many industries in China lags behind, which is reflected in the small product differentiation and poor quality. Many people compare the current Chinese market to "big fish eat small fish, fast fish eat slow fish". In the final analysis, the root cause of this situation is the lack of technology and research and development

Advantech integrates its R & D strength, quickly reflects market changes, and actively responds to customer needs. Advantech has always invested 5% of its comprehensive income and 20% of its total employees. Every year, it can successfully submit more than 100 patents and successfully develop more than 30 new products. Through the unremitting improvement of the new product development process, Advantech's strength has also been continuously improved. Advantech promises customers: higher quality, faster time to market and better service capability

at the end of 2005, we should be clear that Advantech has also set up a R & D center in Shenzhen, the headquarters of its mainland embedded computer business group. In this way, there are five R & D institutions in Advantech China, including Taipei, which respectively serve the customer groups in various regions to ensure that product development is timely and efficient

manufacturing is the best demonstration of Advantech's strength

Advantech has a long history of production services, providing comprehensive industry-leading production services, from circuit board assembly, subsystem assembly, system integration (including product integration customized to order/produced to order) to all relevant quality assurance tests in the production process

with rich production experience, Advantech can perfectly combine the product development stage with the production stage, thus creating a more efficient new product introduction process. Advantech knows what customers want and has developed a set of flexible and effective production processes and it infrastructure, which can more effectively manage and master customers' changing needs at any time

all processes are managed by the field management information system (SFCS), which can monitor and correct the production process at any time. Through the order tracking system (OTS), customers can even track the status of product parts. This collaboration between customers and Advantech provides the information flow required for the optimization of production process efficiency of products of great significance in China where wood resources are scarce. These are sufficient to improve the overall product introduction plan of customers and better prepare for the after-sales service after the products are sold to the market

Advantech is located in the production and manufacturing center in Chinese Mainland (Kunshan and Dongguan) and Taiwan. It adopts the world's advanced ERP system to ensure a highly flexible and responsive service level. Advantech has accumulated 20 years of experience, providing a variety of high-quality products for various vertical application markets. It has created a strong brand shape and established a healthy ecological image in terms of motherboard design, system integration and flexible production

mature and meticulous quality control process

Advantech quality assurance closed loop process system includes three parts: design quality assurance (DQA), production quality assurance (MQA) and customer quality assurance (CQA). The system provides continuous feedback guarantee for the stability and reliability of product design and manufacturing quality. As a supplement to ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 quality assurance certification systems, Advantech also provides more than 1000 reference documents on quality policies and operation guidance

the global service network

includes the United States, Europe, the South Asia Pacific region, Japan, Chinese Mainland and Taiwan. Advantech provides comprehensive services in sales, marketing, logistics, btos customized assembly, RMA repair products service, information management, finance, human resources and quality assurance. Advantech has branches in 16 countries and 35 major cities, and the service center in each site has become a positive driving force for business growth in the region

the Application Engineer (AE) teams in all regions of Advantech work together to provide customers with near real-time technical support. At the same time, a large number of information resources are provided through the CRM system, which can share successful cases and experiences with our customers. In addition, Advantech has also built service centers in the United States, Europe, the Asia Pacific region and China to provide maintenance services

judging from the R & D, manufacturing, quality control and service of Advantech, Advantech's proposal of "assisting Chinese equipment manufacturers" is indeed justified. It is reported that since October, Advantech will hold the second "embedded Developer Conference" in major cities across the country. The conference will invite technical experts to comprehensively analyze and explain the technical issues that developers are most concerned about. It is believed that another "offensive" of Advantech will make "equipment manufacturers" more comfortable

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