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Equiinet helped a chip company to realize free communication among the three places

since the chip was stuck, it has inspired the fighting spirit of our people. We are eager to break this impasse and are determined to master the core technology to realize the independent research and development of the chip and the production of high-purity aluminum production and testing technology in Xinjiang Zhonghe

in order to protect customers, the project name is treated as privacy

equiinet aims to provide one-stop integrated communication solutions for growing Chinese enterprises. Equiinet hopes to make a small contribution to the chip industry of the motherland by serving customers well

-Part. 1-

enterprise demand solution

demand 1: the headquarters of the industrial park, the joint division of Liudan plastic bags, milk bottles, clothes, etc., and the semiconductor division all need to deploy a communication system with 100 people. It is hoped that the communication system can support the interconnection of three places, so that internal communication (meetings, daily office communication) is completely free

equiinet solution: Justina series is provided for enterprises. It has a powerful VPN group function. This function can help customers easily realize remote group communication, and internal communication costs zero

group communication principle: Justina can group with Justina in different networks

generally, enterprise VPN groups need to rely on the relationship between routers, shear stress and shear strain/shear Hooke's law/linear relationship; This is about how to shake the universal experimental machine. The enterprise routers are required to have high performance. Usually, these routers are expensive. Justina has its own VPN function, which can realize remote group communication without the help of external forces. As long as the network can be accessed, it can realize multi location group with remote Justina and establish encrypted transmission tunnel

this is definitely a good thing for enterprises that need remote group communication, because it can save users time, effort and worry

justina's group function is free to users without any extra charge

let's see how to implement it. According to customer requirements, equiinet engineers planned the extension number segment and IP address of the three places:

headquarters: 9xxx. Justina address: x

Liuhe branch: 6xxx. Justina address: x

semiconductor division: 8xxx. Justina address: x

the three places are public IP, of which Liuhe is static IP, and the headquarters and semiconductor are dynamic IP

1. The headquarters and Liuhe branch create VPN tunnels

(a) at the headquarters and Liuhe branch, create VPN tunnels respectively and point to each other's public IP

(b) match the extension number with the call rules and apply it to outgoing

(c) test the mutual dialing between 9xxx and 6xxx extensions

2. Liuhe branch and semiconductor branch create VPN tunnel

requirement 2: external incoming calls are unified to the front desk 9001, and outgoing calls are made through the set external line

equiinet solution: configure the port group on voice off and configure the usage mode as incremental

incoming call routing: the source is the port group, the destination is Justina, and the incoming call from Justina is configured to extension 9001

outgoing call route: the source is Justina and the destination is the port group, that is, all Justina extension outbound calls pass through this port group

demand 3: in order to optimize the utilization of external lines, both Liuhe branch and semiconductor branch use the external lines of the headquarters to call out

equiinet solution:

1 When the headquarters is turned off, port x is allocated to Liuhe branch, and all incoming calls from outside reach extension 6001

2. When the headquarters is turned off, port x is allocated to the semiconductor, and all external incoming calls are sent to extension 8000

outgoing call route: the source is Justina and the destination is port x, that is, all Justina extension outgoing calls pass through port X

as it is a Liuhe branch, it uses the external call of the headquarters line, so it uses the generation dialing 3 on Liuhe Justina. The outdoor calls for Liuhe start with 3, and then they are sent to the headquarters. The headquarters receives the number with 3, deletes the prefix 3, and sends it to the voice switch. The user successfully calls out

similarly, outdoor calls for semiconductors start with 2 and are sent to the headquarters. The headquarters receives the number with 2, deletes the prefix 2, and then sends it to the off. The user successfully calls out

demand 4: both the headquarters and branches use IP phones. There is no wiring area, so we want to use Wi Fi phones

equiinet solution: different types of IP phones + Wi Fi phones are deployed for. The Wi Fi phone can be connected through the wireless AP and registered to the Justina server. Enterprises do not need to deploy cables, which saves wiring costs and makes the office more concise

-Part. 2-

network topology

part 3- highlights of the scheme:

highlight 1: mutual dialing of extension numbers among the three places. Through equiinet's Justina, we can assist enterprises in remote group, get through free communication between headquarters and branches, and reduce operating expenses

highlight 2: make efficient use of lines and choose out from other places. Both Liuhe and semiconductor divisions use the external call out of the headquarters, which improves the external line utilization

highlight 3: rich and convenient functions. The functions of extension RBT, consultation and transfer, and easy transfer between extensions greatly facilitate the use of customers. At the same time, Wi Fi phones do not need access lines, which brings convenience to the factory where lines cannot be deployed

highlight 4: 1TB large capacity call recording storage space. Let the recording be stored longer ~~~

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