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Equinix invests in expanding its data center in Texas recently, Equinix, a data center hosting giant, plans to expand its scale on the original site of the current data center and add new data center construction projects

equinix has been approved to invest US $500million to build a 25MW data center on 16 acres of land in West Plano, Dallas, Texas. This data center is adjacent to the 16 acre T5 data center of Equinix, which is located in a busy business district. After completion, this data center will be an important supplement to T5 data center

the planning of this new large data center will provide Equinix's T5 data center in West Plano with an additional power of about 6MW

non metallic materials and composite metal materials will be widely used. It is reported that Equinix plans to provide additional optical fiber connection and interconnection services to the existing T5 data center

the occupancy rate of data center tenants in Dallas gradually increased

after the data center lease transaction was completed, 93% of the existing 315000 square feet of facilities in T5 data center were leased to customers. According to Dallas business report, Dallas T5 data center has only one data hall with a capacity of 1.5MW available for lease, so it is urgent to expand the data center to meet the needs of users

pete Marin, President and CEO of T5 data center, said: the traditional business district is still the preferred location for those more picky enterprise users. At present, T5 data center only has a 1.5MW data hall to rent. Therefore, we welcome the expansion of Dallas data center

the Dallas area is popular with data center hosting providers. In July, cyrusone announced that it planned to build another data center with a capacity of 4.5 MW and an area of 60000 square feet in Carleton. Infomart's current data center in Dallas will add another 500000 square feet and 40 megawatts of capacity to accommodate more data center tenants

the local government in northern Texas has been strongly supporting the development of the data center and hopes to benefit from every promise of taxation

Cisco Systems' data center in Richardson has an annual revenue of US $123million, bringing more than US $11million in annual taxes to local cities and counties

Richardson now has 18 data centers, and there are more data center construction plans. Johnjacob, executive vice president of Richardson chamber of Commerce, said that these data centers are definitely a gold mine for cities. I think many cities do this

Plano and Frisco also have some data centers, and Frisco will soon have a four story building with an investment of $250million

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in 2011, Texas adopted a tax reduction measure with a tax thickness difference of up to 10 times, which will give a 15% reduction in sales and use tax to the data center with an investment of more than 200million US dollars and a construction time of more than five years. So far, however, no data center is eligible for this specific exemption. Focusing on the application of the pilot free trade zone to promote financial reform and innovation

Fort Worth and Dallas are also the data centers of cyrusone, QTS and digital Realty Trust, the data center operators and custodians

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