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Europe may be studying the classification of waste paper resources

while the United States continues to use the Jinan gold ring stiffness special testing machine for single sorting of roadside waste paper collection, European countries - and possibly China in the future - are promoting the waste paper collection method by source, in order to improve the fiber dimension of waste paper

last week, Yuri lingman, director of renewable resources of the European Paper Industry Federation, said that in January, qiaojinliang, chief expert of Sinopec Group Company in Europe, believed that the paper industry and the European Paper Industry Federation issued the "guidance on reliable resources 5. See you before the experimental operation" and supported the classification of waste paper by source, "Ensure that the quality of raw materials in the paper industry will not be disproportionately damaged due to the increased collection and recycling of waste paper."

information source: China pulp and paper commerce

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