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Equiinet participated in the exchange conference on openness, innovation and promoting industry development with sip+

on September 22, 2016, equiinet participated in the Chengdu Exchange Conference on the communication experience journey of openness, innovation and promoting industry common development with sip+, which was hosted by Zhifang fanvil company and co organized by Chengdu WorldCom. As one of the experts in enterprise integrated communication solutions, he made innovations, made important differences in the global market ecosystem, and made a keynote speech to simplify enterprise integrated communication

this event attracted a large number of industry insiders and partners to conduct in-depth exchanges on the development trends of SIP industry. Equiinet booth attracted the attention of a number of industry partners

Figure 1: industry partners

figure 2:equiinet's Jason and equiinet's xiaotiandi

figure 3:equiinet xiaotiandi

equiinet's Global CEO - Dominic marroco, after being invited, came all the way from the United States to share the opportunities and challenges of future communication development in the global ecosystem with industry elites, As well as the important role that Oriental enterprises will play in the future development of communication and will serve as the leader of the communication industry. Encourage colleagues in the industry to work together to build a prosperous communication circle and abandon the traditional low price competition strategy. It also calls for: only by working hard together, can we win more market opportunities and share, seek development in our survival, and better serve customers, so that the enterprise can have a deeper and more solid foundation and become a leader in the global IP communication industry

Figure 4: Mr. Dominic marrocco and MS. xutingting, general manager of equiinet Greater China, also shared with industry elites at the meeting, introducing equiinet's total efforts to serve global small and medium-sized enterprises, focusing on software application and development, providing users with practical functions, helping enterprises add functions and subtract costs. She firmly believes that customers' pursuit of high quality, excellent service and people-friendly price is eternal and the most simple demand. Equiinet will insist on making products with high stability, high compatibility and high cost performance, bringing good news to more enterprises. Equiinet launched the thin client Justina server, which pays more attention to environmental protection and saves 6 times the energy consumption compared with traditional devices

we are willing to keep up with market changes and bring forth the new. We firmly believe that only dreams and partners can live up to them

we sincerely invite partners from all over the world to help the development of domestic integrated communication industry and the growth of more small and medium-sized enterprises. Interested parties please contact: or

looking forward to communicating with you.:

once again, I would like to thank the organizers and co organizers of the conference. The equiinet members of the Chengdu trip also won prizes unexpectedly. Thank you very much. It seems that Chengdu is a blessed place

Figure 5: Ms. xutingting was selected as the third prize

Figure 6: Jason was selected as the second prize

thank you for coming from afar. The equiinet team will use positive action to give back your love

dominic Marro can conduct experiments on the plane tensile strength, static bending strength, elastic modulus, screw holding force, internal separation strength, external separation strength and other mechanical properties of MDF, particleboard, plywood and blockboard. Mr. CCO brief introduction:

dominic marrocco is an entrepreneur with many entrepreneurial experiences. He started his own business at the age of 21, Became a millionaire. His businesses span the United States and the United Kingdom, including real estate, it and networking companies. In addition, he has supported a number of charities for many years in a row, contributing to the cause of charity. He still has a great demand for the foam granulator industry

dominic, as a pioneer in the Internet and telecommunications industry, founded his first FIRSTNET Internet service company in 1996 and has made great achievements in the field of enterprise business as the service center. Soon after, Mr. Dominic purchased a 3.5ghz-4.2ghz wireless license from tele2 company in the UK, and established a broadband service based on voice and data on this basis, winning the title of the best network innovator of the year from the global broadband alliance. Later, Mr. Dominic purchased broadband and hosting services from nation grid transc, a company that invested US $500million to establish a national optical fiber network and 11 regional data centers

dominic purchased idesta, a mobile device software provider headquartered in the UK, in 2003, and introduced a rapid labor system in the US market with the same technical foundation. In 2011, it purchased equiinet, a company with 80% of the UK education market share, and specialized in providing integrated solutions for enterprise users, such as Internet security, networking, intelligent office, cloud storage, failure backup, disaster recovery, backup, etc. At the same time, it is a network operation company with virtual operation license in the UK

in Mr. Dominic's amazing entrepreneurial list, it also involves the acquisition, establishment and merger history of another material company that could not directly test the hardness. It is believed that his entrepreneurial story and experience can be used for reference by emerging entrepreneurs and future business leaders

ps plus:

equiinet integrated communication machine four functional advantages summary

equiinet integrated communication machine technical advantages. It provides enterprises with intelligent solutions of light equipment and multiple applications in a simple way, and provides value-added products for small and medium-sized enterprises. Help enterprises break the pattern of old and dead communication between network and voice, organically combine network and voice that can be connected to computer console, and bring more convenience and value to customers

voice switch function: Justina is not a pure IPPBX product. It has a full set of voice functions of IPPBX, but is more powerful than it. For example, the voice part: ① Justina server can directly record calls, and users do not need to purchase recording equipment separately; ② With its own conference function, users do not need to purchase a conference bridge separately, and the conference can be accessed in a variety of ways (3g/4g, Wi Fi, PSTN, internal direct dialing, external lines such as); ③ Users can open an extension, and by balancing the traffic, they can not only convert the traffic into voice, but also turn people's into an extension, meeting people's mobile office needs

vpn server function: ① VPN groups can be directly set up to interconnect multiple branches and realize mutual dialing of short numbers; ② Open the application of VPN client on PC and. People can make calls through PC and computer or log in to cloud disk to enjoy the efficiency and convenience brought by mobile office. (when intelligence becomes the mainstream, the concept of byod is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and VPN remote access builds a mobile office bridge for enterprises.)

utm firewall function: ① it can be used as an enterprise firewall, which is equivalent to an H3C enterprise firewall (with relevant test reports) for multi-layer protection of enterprise network security; ② Scan the data stream to shield all unsafe data access; ③ Screen URL pages so that employees do not go shopping, social networking sites, etc. during work. ④ Escape anytime, anywhere, with higher level of protection

private cloud disk function: ① localized storage is more secure; ② Information real-time collaboration; ③ The disk can be expanded from 500g to 2T

light equipment, multi application, simplify everything

yes, that's it

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