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How to fully reflect the real value of anti-counterfeiting labels

on December 4, 2012, at the forum held at the same time of South China International label printing exhibition, Mr. Du Zhenlin, President of Shenzhen anti counterfeiting technology association, revealed how to reflect the real value of anti-counterfeiting labels by changing marketing methods. The following is a summary of the content of his speech

now, there are many label printing enterprises, in order to strive for more customer resources, Or in order to obtain greater sales profits, they have added some anti-counterfeiting elements to the labels, so that ordinary commodity labels become anti-counterfeiting labels with certain anti-counterfeiting functions; There are also some anti-counterfeiting enterprises, in order to expand their product market, let the anti-counterfeiting label close to the ordinary label, make it more with the characteristics of ordinary commodity labels, and turn the anti-counterfeiting logo into an anti-counterfeiting label

both anti-counterfeiting labels with common label technology as the main feature and anti-counterfeiting labels with anti-counterfeiting technology as the main feature are a new development trend of the label industry and a new trend of market demand. This is a good thing for industry practitioners

however, no matter what kind of label, it is only a part of the overall product packaging, not all that the end customer needs. Therefore, enterprises that design and produce anti-counterfeiting labels will often encounter many insurmountable difficulties if they only sell them as a single product

this is because:

first, labels with anti-counterfeiting function often increase the packaging cost for customers

second, the anti-counterfeiting label will overlap with the original anti-counterfeiting function on the package

third, although the anti-counterfeiting label has powerful anti-counterfeiting function, it is not necessarily what customers need most

IV. the anti-counterfeiting technology you provide cannot completely solve the problems that customers need to solve urgently

v. customers' demand for anti-counterfeiting is often not just a label, but a complete and systematic anti-counterfeiting solution

in view of the above reasons, the anti-counterfeiting label is only a single product, which is not only very difficult to sell, but also the sales price often does not reflect its real value. Even if it is sold, the price will not be very high

what can be done to make the anti-counterfeiting label become a product that customers can easily accept, and at the same time reflect its real value

practice has proved that integrating anti-counterfeiting labels into the system anti-counterfeiting solutions most needed by customers is one of the methods worth trying and effective

there is such an example: a company producing medium and high-end Baijiu, in order to protect its brand from infringement, has made great efforts to take a variety of anti-counterfeiting measures on packaging boxes, wine bottles, even bottle caps and labels. However, the anti-counterfeiting Department of the company found that fake liquor that imitated its brand was still everywhere in the market, and there was no sign of reduction. Even the appearance of some fake liquor made it difficult for the anti-counterfeiting personnel inside the company to distinguish the true from the false. After careful analysis, the distillery found that fake wine is rampant mainly according to the difference of the maximum experimental force (loading capacity) it can test, and the load sensor is also divided into 50N and 5kn. The reason is that the packaging is recycled and the counterfeiters reuse it

therefore, liquor enterprises sent a strong signal to the market: we urgently need a solution that packaging can not be recycled

business opportunities have emerged. Many packaging and printing companies and anti-counterfeiting companies have come to sell their products, but none of them can completely solve the problem of packaging materials not being recycled

one of the anti-counterfeiting enterprises also noticed this opportunity, but it did not directly go to the distillery, but first developed a system solution for anti-counterfeiting of wine packaging, bringing together the packaging suppliers, wine bottle manufacturers, bottle cap suppliers, etc. of the distillery, and put forward a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solution that can completely solve the problem. At the same time, it ensured that if fake wine still appeared in the market after adopting this solution, This anti-counterfeiting company will take full responsibility. The solution was quickly unanimously recognized by the suppliers, and they finally decided that the existing wine bottle suppliers of the distillery would come forward to recommend the solution to the distillery. Other companies did not come forward, but only did behind the scenes cooperation

this anti-counterfeiting company also put forward a requirement: the anti-counterfeiting company should bear the risk of compensation for fake wine, but in this scheme, the anti-counterfeiting labels of the anti-counterfeiting company should account for 20% of the total value of all packages, and the overall price of packages should not be increased, and no additional cost burden should be added to the distillery

the final solution is:

first, the outer packaging does not need to add anti-counterfeiting functions to reduce the cost of materials and labor

second, bottles and caps do not need to add one-time destruction function to reduce material and labor costs

these two parts of the cost saved are just used for the production cost of anti-counterfeiting labels. In this way, a win-win comprehensive anti-counterfeiting scheme with strong anti-counterfeiting function was soon adopted by the distillery

in this case, the anti-counterfeiting label really plays a powerful role in preventing the packaging from being recycled, and also reflects the real value consistent with its function

through the above cases, we can draw the following conclusions:

first, anti-counterfeiting label printing enterprises should reflect and adjust the traditional marketing thinking and marketing mode

second, the main purpose of anti-counterfeiting label marketing is to fully reflect the real value of anti-counterfeiting

third, providing practical and comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solutions is a good marketing means, which should be actively tried and applied

fourth, if you want to become a guide instead of a body, it is now of high value. If you have any problems in the use and operation, you must take one part of the imported experimental machine to bear the corresponding risks, and you must have the ability to bear risks

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