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How to formulate effective network marketing strategies

with the development of the Internet, our life is facing a Copernican transformation of gradually establishing a market supervision mechanism for green design products. Different from traditional coal, everyone is a participant in the interconnection. Everyone is both a consumer of resources and a producer of resources. For many launch stations, the basic function of the Internet is to act as a communication intermediary between enterprises and consumers, and the two-way communication characteristics of the Internet itself make the consumption mode change from one-way to interactive. For peers, Internet can be a window for information summary, so that the situation of relevant industries can be concentrated. For competitors, Internet can make them better grasp the situation of competitors, and timely adjust relevant marketing strategies and publicity priorities according to their information. For consumers, the Internet not only turns the circuitous economy into a direct economy, but also makes it possible to shop around, or even 30000

unlimited business opportunities

with the low-cost communication convenience of the Internet, small and medium-sized businesses and individual enterprises can use the information tools that can only be enjoyed by multinational companies to collect user information, seek partners and develop potential customers. Every business can find its own interests on the Internet

someone once summarized the application of networks in Enterprises:

● expand the international market to facilitate communication with foreign customers

● publish enterprise information on the home page to strengthen customer service problem solving

● test the market reaction of new products and get immediate feedback

● shape the corporate image and improve the popularity of the company

● as a sales aid, provide product details at any time

● strengthen the ability to collect industrial environmental information

● strengthen the connection with other industries

● targeting special consumer groups, which is conducive to minority communication

● contact high-level education and young ethnic groups, and contact the main force of consumption in the future early

then, how can enterprises use threads to tap unlimited business opportunities

to carry out e-commerce on the Internet, we need to have a variety of essential conditions. According to different commodity properties, enterprise specifications and different marketing purposes, the conditions that must be considered in trade can be divided into five:

1 Equipment: related equipment is indispensable for business message transmission on the Internet. For example, it is mainly used to save, process and transmit messages. Efficient computer hosts, high-speed transmission lines and equipment maintenance personnel all cost a lot. Enterprises can set up stations by themselves or rent equipment from network service enterprises. The main considerations are the size of their own data processing capacity and the frequency of use

2. Content: what content should readers see? This is a great knowledge. First of all, we should analyze the structure and reading habits of the network family, and also consider the characteristics of the network media, such as the characteristics of layout design, beauty and the balance of transmission speed. Many stations can also attract curious readers when they were just set up, but gradually there was no interest, mainly because the content affected the transmission speed

3. Exposure rate: you can see the addresses of many enterprise stations on the classification station of Luo, but few people are willing to spend time exploring. Because it takes time, these enterprises are clearly "advertising" or "company profile", of course, few people are interested in reading. Landing in each classification station is only a basic work, and advertising on the network with customer gathering power and more logos are the necessary conditions to achieve the effect of network marketing

4. Interactive space: some enterprises have good online content and advertisements, but it is still difficult to resonate. Why? Because there is less space to interact with readers, this is an indescribable concept. For example: basically, the general reader's heart is unstable at the beginning of the process. It's like watching TV with a remote control and jumping between different channels. Only when he is exhausted can he find a station he likes and can stay. Network marketing design. It is to combine yourself with such stations, that is, to combine products with customers, rather than to become an icon for a glimpse in the process of channel switching

5. Marketing mix: different media have different characteristics and functions; Online marketing cannot completely replace traditional TV or print media. The truly successful online marketing is to make good use of the amazing effect produced by the combination of this new media and traditional media. Let the pressure of marketing remain on TV, let newspaper advertisements continue to maintain the advantage of high exposure, print beautiful product pictures on magazines, and then make full use of network media to fill the loopholes in marketing for many years, and establish a truly intimate and friendly interactive relationship with consumers

how enterprises enter the Internet

the main purpose of enterprises joining the Internet is to establish their own trade network on the Internet. There are generally four ways to enter this e-commerce space:

first, apply for an e-mail address

contact manufacturers around the world through e-mail. E-mail address, just like the company number, is indeed an essential trade tool for enterprises

second, establish your own homepage

introduce the product photos and text materials (performance, quotation, etc.) of the enterprise to the users on the network

third, set up independent stations

If an enterprise wants to set up its own independent network platform, it generally needs its own special data dedicated line. To set up a station by itself, its host, router, telecommunications costs and personnel costs will cost at least hundreds of thousands of yuan a year. Ordinary enterprises can't afford to fix several frequencies. And the current popular "station erection" scheme is to choose "virtual host". Nowadays, many network service providers provide such services. The annual cost can be controlled within several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, which is more in line with the cost-effectiveness of most enterprises

IV. establish an enterprise's IBS (Internet business system)

using IBS to promote the enterprise's products and image is equivalent to the enterprise's overall C I planning and marketing strategy on the Internet. Different from the three methods of pavement, IBS is an active marketing strategy. The emphasis of this method is that enterprises actively seek customers, rather than relying on the content and design of the station to attract users. Capture the analysis and investigation of users, find out the real potential customers, and do effective marketing promotion, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Generally speaking, IBS includes the following system modules:

1 The product display subsystem

includes enterprise e-mail settings, domain name planning, homepage comprehensive design, publicity and page links, product bulletins and other parts

2. Product sales subsystem

includes product automatic order system, automatic quotation system, visible photometer and agent system

3. User feedback subsystem

includes user technical response system, user feedback response system, user system and contact system

direct business model

more and more business activities occur on the Internet. The Internet itself is a virtual market, and e-trade is its core content. In such an electronic space, the essence and mode of enterprise marketing have changed. If the Internet is involved in the retail circulation industry, the intermediate channels will disappear, and the warehouses, shelves, and stores will be virtualized, breaking the existing commodity circulation order. Although the electronic shopping mall on the Internet can also be called "shopping mall", it is fundamentally different. There are many advantages of electronic shopping malls:

L. there is no need to build shopping malls, and there is no store rent cost. As long as a computer, a card and a, you can open

2. There is no store inventory. Operating electronic shopping malls can "sell short and buy short", which does not necessarily have actual logistics, but mainly deals with information flow. In the past, the trading behavior was atomic, which may become bit in the future. Information circulation is more important than goods circulation

3. The cost is extremely low. Opening a shopping mall in Shanghai can save a lot of money by integrating sales, display and advertising without separate expenses. Network marketing is less than 3% of the traditional marketing cost

4. The business scale is not limited by the site. Electronic shopping malls allow production and consumption to meet directly. Users' information can be directly fed back to manufacturers, which can meet the special requirements of customers. With the consent of the customer, we can learn more about his income, family, personal hobbies and other information, so as to make the business more targeted

from the above characteristics, we can see that the infrastructure, inventory, intermediate costs, etc. of shopping malls are some circuitous intermediate links. Electronic shopping malls can fundamentally get rid of the dependence on these intermediate links, so it is "direct"

it is suggested that enterprises apply the principles adopted by the direct business model:

● enter the market as soon as possible, and ensure that new products adopt the latest technology by maintaining a close relationship with key technology leaders

● customized products

● personalized customer relationship, ensure direct contact with customers, and understand customers' special requirements

● expert service, with first-class experts to answer the consultation

● competitive price. The direct business model brings customers trend leading products at a relatively low price by excluding the profits of MLM

open your electronic mall, which will become an unexpected super chain mall

how to formulate network marketing strategies

Internet as the most sentinel and important part of the overall marketing promotion of enterprises, according to the characteristics of Internet bubble gum that can only be blown after chewing, formulating corresponding network marketing strategies is the premise of success. Here are some thinking directions:

first, product nature

the most suitable marketing products on the network are products with high liquidity, such as books, newspapers, software information, consumer products, etc. If your network is a relatively unpopular professional product such as bulldozer and lathe, it is suggested that your network should be positioned on the promotion of the company's image and brand, and the marketing of the product itself needs to be specially promoted or with the help of other media tools

second, network characteristics

at present, the most popular stations on the network, that is, the stations with the largest number of visitors, are based on rich information. Therefore, the marketing model should be dominated by product intelligence, product trends, the use of life and education information, and then further develop business behavior

III. consideration of overall marketing

in addition to the operation of network marketing, active marketing planning requires the joint operation of promotional activities and other media in order to maximize the overall benefits. Many stations promote with the help of press conferences, talent recruitment and other activities, and promote through print advertising

IV. creative marketing of Luos

in 1996, the "one yuan to buy a car" activity of Taiwan made cars made a public bid for an Opel car from youyou through Luos, which created a bidding record of nearly 10000 people within one month during the activity, and became a hot topic for a time. At present, there are many product marketing projects on the Internet, such as air tickets, tourism, home appliances, securities, information, food, etc., which are being carried out through games, guessing, design competitions and other marketing means. These methods not only attract many friends and make selling points, but also get the list of many potential customers

v. promotion skills

under more and more network competition, the design and promotion of pages are also increasingly important. The promotion of points and pages often cooperates with each other in the Internet. In marketing planning, we can consider cooperating with stations that are suitable for marketing products or consumer groups, such as search engine login, general advertising exchange and webring. In addition, the advertising layout and expression form on the network are also the key factors to be considered. A simple and attractive advertising connection is the success

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