How to find a satisfactory small offset press

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How to find a satisfactory small offset press

business determines the size of small offset press

large six open, large eight open (including four open) small offset press, which is mainly applicable to the printing of social parts and the printing of documents, bills and test papers of enterprises and institutions such as organs, schools, etc. Some equipment can print some short version of color leaflets, samples, small batch of self-adhesive labels, trademarks, etc; Some equipment can only print black and white live parts. In other words, the equipment of some enterprises has high printing overprint accuracy, good dot reproduction, and different elastomer deformation, while some equipment cannot meet the above requirements when printing thin paper, bills, couplets and other prints that require accurate printing rules. Big quarto and pair boot are good at long version live and packaging, such as book pages, packaging boxes, packaging boxes, etc. in short version live parts printing, big quarto and pair boot are not strong points due to costs (labor, time, resources) and other reasons

if you are going to develop in the social and commercial parts short version fast printing market or for office use, the sixth boot is the first choice. In addition, there is another important function of the small offset press, that is, the function of coding, which enterprises can choose according to their own business conditions

it is the most important process to fully consider their own conditions and requirements, and it is also the key to purchase. It is necessary to consider the product price and brand. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider, for example, the location and direction of sampling, the shape and size of the sample, the afterburner characteristics during the experiment, including the loading speed, the composition and temperature of the environmental medium, etc., which salesperson sells the experimental results

generally speaking, the quality and after-sales service of small offset printing machines of well-known brands are more trustworthy. Because their processing means and service network are relatively sound, users are more comfortable to use and have less worries. When choosing world brands and imported products, the quality is guaranteed. The problems to be considered are the development speed of the enterprise and the adaptability of the enterprise to the market. At the same time, the more well-known brands have greatly improved the transmission efficiency, the higher the price is. Buyers should fully consider their own economic affordability, grasp the market and confidence in the enterprise, which requires a certain degree of foresight. While learning from the successful experience of its peers, it is also necessary to customize the procurement. (6) Tianjin Zhongwang phase I project with an annual output of 1.8 million tons of aluminum strip has been put into trial production, and a certain development space should be reserved for itself

what worries buyers is that there are too many brands in the market now. Some brands go bankrupt or change brands after only three to five years, and then appear as new faces. Some devices have problems every once in a while in the process of use, and the service cannot be in place in time. Therefore, it is recommended to do a market survey before purchasing

in a word, products that can create benefits are good products

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