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Top ten best designs in 2000 (1)

at the beginning of the new century, people are always used to reviewing and summarizing what happened in the old century

a few days ago, Time magazine of the United States selected the top ten best designs in 2000. These exquisite works have improved our infinite thoughts and motivation. Let's review it together -

Ross Earth Space Center

a new planetarium has been built at the American Museum of nature in New York City, Its special feature is that the architectural concept of the 21st century embodied in the exhibition hall has realized a dream that mankind once had in the 18th century

the design of James Stewart polschek, the architect of the museum, is actually very simple: he put a metal ball in a cube building mainly composed of glass, and this design style refers to the spherical architectural concept proposed by the famous 18th century architect Etienne Louis Bray when he designed the monument for Isaac Newton in 1784. At that time, this wonderful simplification idea failed to be implemented for various reasons. Today, this planetarium for the new century tells people the glory of the universe in the language of classical modernism and high-tech futurism

easy to wear

Haite Osten exhibition hall

when a floating cloud swept over Amsterdam, various colors immediately shimmered on the cube building designed by architect Steven hall, accompanied by some unobtrusive changes in motorcycle helmets. This is a gorgeous and playful building on the Bank of the river. It is said that hall specially designed it for a Dutch company. It is not so much made of glass and perforated glass plates as it is made of light, water and sky given by nature around the building


design master Blaise Mao once expressed emotionally that form cannot be separated from content. Indeed, there is no better way to reflect this than his 624 page monograph. The book is not only a selection of Mao's works, but also his declaration to the world. This book only wants to urge readers to pay attention to one point - what the global image economy is conveying

the first summer temporary outdoor awning

the temporary urban beach designed and built by shop has become an attractive summer resort in Queens, New York

this kind of awning is made of more than 6000 wooden boards that can swing, rotate and slide. This design can make tourists who come to sunbathe, fight water battles and enjoy the cool get their own places. This is an architectural sketch that has become a reality

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