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How to "get in close contact" with traditional publishing

when the network media quietly retreated like a turbulent foam, and the network bookstore rolled up its sonorous gongs and drums and sang softly in the final watch, the combination of network, a high-tech and media in the 21st century, seemed to enter a relatively silent trough. It is said that Lin Hua is in a hurry because of her spring red. However, no one will doubt the great power of high and new technology in promoting social development. The increasing integration of network and publishing is indeed an irresistible trend. Network will not only change the way humans acquire knowledge, but also play a great role in changing the traditional way of knowledge dissemination. However, it is worth discussing whether online publishing is the end of traditional publishing or the new favorite of the publishing family for the publishing industry? Online publishing is in the ascendant. What about traditional publishing

online publishing: new field or new era

some people say that the richness of the publishing industry is achieved with the continuous development of technology. From traditional design and type printing to colorful Laser Phototypesetting and desktop publishing, the emergence of web has brought the publishing industry into a new era of web publishing. Is the emergence of web publishing a new era or a new field of publishing? As for online publishing, the definitions given by experts are quite different. It is generally believed that, compared with the traditional means of communication of publishing, as long as the publishing activities are carried out on the Internet, it can be called network publishing. The main feature of online publishing is to bid farewell to paper and pen and realize the electronization of the whole process of, publishing, distribution and reading

Will online publishing bring the end of traditional publishing? The conclusion of IT industry experts has caused strong repercussions, even strong antipathy, in the traditional publishing industry, and to a certain extent, has caused the exclusion and alienation of traditional publishers from online publishing. Some people from publishing houses think that standing is originally a promising way, but the hype in the previous paragraph is too strong, which has aroused the disgust of the publishing department. They think that cooperation with such partners will only lose money and have to flinch

however, online publishing and traditional publishing are actually doing mutual infiltration and reincarnation

the first is the cautious start of traditional publishing to online publishing. In view of the lessons learned by the network media and the network bookstore, the construction of the publishing house station is somewhat low-key in terms of investment and publicity. The stations established by the publishing house take advantage of the inherent advantages of book information resources, and take a commanding position in the publishing Bookstore reader publishing and distribution process. They have produced stations with four functions, such as people's time and space, including publishing community platform, online publishing platform, publishing information platform and e-commerce platform. Although they are far from the ideal concept of online publishing by it experts, they are accumulating online publishing experience, It has played a very positive role in publicizing the image of the publishing house and expanding e-commerce and e-publishing. Corresponding to the "touch" of traditional publishing houses, in addition to the electronic publishing, what is surging is the paper-based publishing of Luo Zulu

although the overall level of online literature books is not high, which is still criticized by people until now, the indifference and utilitarianism, relaxed and quiet dedication of online words and the conversational eloquence deeply influenced by chat rooms really set a precedent. Since then, there have been many traditional publications with this new content, such as the selected works of China Luoyuan, which was first launched by times literature and Art Publishing House in a holistic manner; A collection of romantic novels published by Shanghai Sanlian bookstore, "in and out between romance, love and love"; "Luowencong" published by China Social Sciences Press; Inner Mongolia People's Publishing House's "emotional experience in the Internet age - see your Blush"...

people of insight in the publishing industry have a clear understanding of the relationship between Internet and traditional publishing, that is, Internet is another book market development for the publishing industry, which will bring new changes and innovations to traditional ideas and methods. Of course, the renewal and transformation of traditional publishing industry is also obvious. At present, we can not only rely on the Internet to improve the connotation of publishing, optimize publishing resources, resolve publishing risks, improve publishing efficiency and reduce publishing costs. You can also establish, join or jointly run book stations and establish your own bookstores. Network will bring traditional publishing into a new electronic field. Network publishing means development and business opportunities for the traditional publishing industry, but it will never mean the end of traditional publishing

e-books: the nemesis of paper books is also the new favorite of publications.

online publishing has brought new products to the book market. Today, this latest thing is e-books. People in the Ti industry generally ebook

ebook content is mainly books made in a special format and can be disseminated on wired and wireless networks. With the development of web publishing technology, ebook has become one of the most important trends in information dissemination. According to publisher weekly, Amazon Bookstore, the originator of online bookstores around the world, has also opened an e-book bookstore. Among these e-books, some e-books will soon be published in print. Although some e-books already have print editions, the electronic edition is unique to Amazon. Some of the e-books provided by this bookstore have not been printed yet. In addition, there are e-books specially arranged for Amazon in the format of Microsoft reader reader, as well as downloadable digital audio works. Amazon has provided less than 1000 e-books in the initial stage of e-book bookstore, of which about 30 are free. In China, Xinhua dictionary has become the first generation of standard e-books in China

although online publishing has many advantages, doesn't it mean that paper-based books will soon die out? Now, some IT industry experts have asserted that the publishing industry has now ushered in the era of e-book explosion. In a few decades, e-books will become the master of publications

in fact, contrary to the assertions of some blockbusters, e-books and paper books do not seem to be life and death enemies. Now, not to mention that the internal code format of e-books is not unified, nor that the LCD display of readers is far less comfortable than a piece of white paper, not to mention the e-book copyright problem that lags far behind the development of the Internet. For e-books alone, whether it is reading devices, reading software, or reading content, what ebook can do now is the electronization of traditional books, in other words, It just adds a new form of expression to traditional books. Of course, e-books can also be regarded as the deep processing of traditional book resources, because the electronization of books is only the adoption of technical conditions, while e-books are technically satisfied, and they are also restricted by policies, regulations, copyrights and other factors. Paper books and e-books should promote and promote each other, rather than replacing and eliminating each other. It can be said that without the support of traditional publishing, e-books will be difficult to move. It will not sweep out the traditional paper books, nor will it become collectors' treasures, as some IT experts expect. Even Bill Gates, who has always wanted the Internet to dominate the world, said: "at present, there are three main actions of the Internet in the publishing field: first, publishing online books and magazines; second, providing book information; third, developing e-commerce, that is, online book purchase business. We can't say that 10 years later, online books will replace paper books, but we can certainly say that at that time, people can no longer ignore the existence of online books."

develop traditional resources or build castles in the air

publishing houses were once called local snakes because of their inherent resource advantages. Publishing and distribution circles are also eager to take Luo as their new economic growth point. The integration of Luo and traditional publishing seems to be a natural thing to achieve customer satisfaction in an all-round way. It has been five years since Xinhua Bookstore established its first domestic book station in Hangzhou in 1997, and the integration of Internet and publishing and distribution industry has also gone through. Although the first book station has long been annihilated in the long river of history, the ups and downs of hundreds of online bookstores have important reference value for the development of online bookstores in China

btoc, BtoB and B to B to C are the most popular models in China's web publishing industry in recent years due to their good thermal insulation and durability. BtoC, that is, Amazon model, is the most preferred model for domestic web publishing stores with a carbon emission of 7820 tons, Even Amazon's claim to be the largest bookstore in the United States in the early stage of entrepreneurship to challenge the popularity of the largest traditional bookstore in the United States at that time has been widely used by some online bookstores in China. However, China's national conditions determine that online bookstores cannot enter publishing operations, and publishing resources are all in the hands of publishers. Therefore, in the publishing (upstream), bookstore (midstream), and reader (downstream) processes of online bookstores, Many reasons have caused the phenomenon that the network book industry attaches importance to the construction of the middle and lower reaches and despises the construction of the upper reaches

the most stable foundation of the online bookstore in the distribution industry is probably that the two sides have strong complementarity, and can theoretically solve the fatal injury that restricts the development of traditional bookstores, that is, through 24-hour business, the stored books are on the shelves for a long time, which can maximize the search for books for readers, find readers for books, and thus minimize inventory. About 100000 kinds of bookstores have become a spectacle in the real bookstores, but in online bookstores, hundreds of thousands of millions of books are stored, and they will never be "off the shelf". Therefore, the B to C model has been widely recognized. However, for the station, only extensive and effective collection of books and materials can be carried out, and there is a large amount of real and useful publishing information on it. This B to C model has practical value

however, the construction of the upstream is a very laborious thing, not to mention whether the publishing house will give active cooperation. Even if the Publishing House welcomes each other with a smile, that kind of investment is quite visible from the collection to the production of a piece of real and specific economic information. For a book, the cover, title, author, preface, postscript, catalogue, content introduction, book review and so on are all included in the collection and data production. Without strong upstream information resources, the online book industry is somewhat like a castle in the air. Some people of insight in the publishing industry have noticed this for a long time. They believe that independent information collection is not only a repeated waste of publishing resources, but also will make the publishing house irresistible. In the highly information-based industry of publishing industry, the state should centrally produce and build information to form an authoritative national publishing data center. Online bookstores should also carry out effective division of labor, collect, sort out, produce appropriate division of labor, and finally share resources. Some CEOs of online bookstores also seem to recognize this, "online bookstores can't do anything except first and second in China. Nearly 100 online bookstores in China have the same development direction and operation mode, and only cooperation can expand their living space"

but for those quasi Amazon bookstores in China who wanted to hype the listing and make money from it at that time, they really couldn't achieve and didn't have the time and energy to do it. Therefore, although every bookstore claims to have strong information collection and data processing capabilities, the actual situation may be different

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