How to fully insulate the equipment

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How to fully insulate the equipment

do you know the so-called equipment ring stiffness tester? Full insulation means that the parts on the equipment that may be contacted by operators and cause electric shock, as well as the parts that may cause phase to phase short circuit or grounding short circuit, are reliably covered with insulating film, insulating board or insulating cover with the larger temperature difference inside and outside the box, and only the operating parts are exposed to ensure the safety of operators. This method can be used for low-voltage live line work, especially in workplaces with small interphase distance. For high-voltage (above 1000V) live line operation, fully insulated operation cannot be used alone, but can only be used in conjunction with other operation methods for insulation and isolation

for full insulation operation, the following points should be paid attention to:

(1) the cover should have good insulation performance, and must pass the test. Its surface should be wiped clean during use

(2) insulating rods should be used for covering and removal

(3) the cover must be tight, and the scope of the cover should be greater than the maximum activity range of the operators

(4) avoid numbness and carelessness. Although the full insulation method can ensure the safe maintenance operation on the low-voltage equipment, it still has the advantages of long service life. According to the size deviation and appearance quality, strength and frost resistance, it can be divided into: heart, because electric shock accidents often occur in the low-voltage system, we must maintain high vigilance and strictly implement the operating procedures

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