How to find a balance between risk and innovation

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How to find a balance between risk and innovation in packaging R & d

risk identification of R & D projects is an important work of packaging R & D. Its purpose is not to eliminate risks, but to judge which risks are worth taking. Because if there is a willingness to actively try new materials and new packaging forms, people will be willing to pay the price for innovation, even if it may go bankrupt

1. Test the water first and observe the market reaction. There are as many companies as there are ways to test the market's acceptance of new packaging. For example, a famous retailer completely skipped market research when changing its packaging and directly put the new packaging with its business label into use. This is a way to test market acceptance. Another retailer specially designed temporary labels to test the market's acceptance of its concept. This method will not damage the added value of existing packaging. Moreover, if the new packaging market responds well, it will replace the original packaging. Many large companies will lavishly put new packaging into foreign markets to observe whether the new ideas are feasible. The advantage of doing so is negative 8 Measurement error: ± 1% FS evaluation will be less, and it will have little impact on the products originally packaged by the parent company

2. Keep confidence and work slowly. When applying new or untested technology to new products, find some similar successful products of the same industry as a strong reference for the experiment. When innovating, they can make the development progress leisurely, or at least refer to the experience of others step by step. The best way is to make up for the defects in time, and be patient with unfamiliar experimental materials or machines at the beginning

3. Compare with similar things. It is unrealistic to compare emerging technology with mature technology after 30 years of cost investment. The development of new technology is always accompanied by some unknown or unresolved risks. We should strike a balance between economic benefits and risks

4. Find a company with strong acceptance ability. Which companies seem to be more open-minded? Emerging small enterprises or middlemen who pay attention to packaging consumer goods usually innovate the packaging form. This is due to the agility of small enterprises. It is easier for small companies to adjust their product packaging strategies or market strategies. They can exchange smaller losses for more returns, and can seize market share from competitors of large packaged consumer goods. When David in the Bible kills the giant of packaging consumer goods, it is usually because large companies will not give up their original infrastructure and important assets and go to large-scale replacement of new packaging in line with the national experimental motor gas standards

5. Correct attitude. While small enterprises are easy to innovate, the most creative enterprises are often at or second only to the top of the industry. They may be developing a project at the same time, but only one company is the first to invest the results in the market. How did you do it? Adventure, research and analysis coexist. Every year, many new products with excellent design fail. When failure occurs, learn from it and improve it

6. Be ambitious. Both the founders of emerging small enterprises and the leaders of formed enterprises have something in common when carrying out product innovation, that is, they are driven by ambition and willing to take risks for profits. They don't stick to the rules. On the contrary, they dare to challenge the original rules, because only in this way can they become the industry leader or the prototype of the current zhengshanzhai. Those companies that have the ability to lead the direction of market development have incorporated the spirit of innovation into their corporate culture. They believe that if you live in hardship and die in happiness, your competitors will pass you by. This will include kiefel's business in freilassing, Germany.

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