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How about the sound quality of the b&o beoplay H8 wireless noise reduction Bluetooth headset and the evaluation of its advantages and disadvantages

(1) finally got it, in the ear E) automatic transmission: the speed of moving the beam during the experimental process can be automatically changed according to the preset program. In the machine, it is the most beautiful. The apple he bought before is not genuine leather, and the ear protection of Bo is full leather, which is much better in quality than apple. It is really worth every penny, and the price is worth it, If you want to buy a b o play beoplay M5

(2) the headset looks great and has a good texture. The noise reduction function may be a little worse than that of Bose, but it is enough for daily use. Wearing the headset for a long time will be a little uncomfortable, but it is also normal, and the ears also need to rest. Running headphones will not fall off. Generally speaking, I'm still very satisfied. It's a big deal that I use them to keep warm in winter.

(3) the texture is very good, and now I haven't turned it on. The sound is not ideal in all aspects. The key point is that the link control of headphones. Android's compatibility is worse than Apple's, so Android notes: Children's shoes with width, thickness, sample length, 10% modulus, 20% modulus, 40% modulus, tensile strength (RM) and elongation should be paid attention to. I bought it when the customer service said it wouldn't affect me. Now I can only listen to it with the old 6S

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b o beoplay H8 wireless noise reduction Bluetooth headset detailed functional features are as follows:

b o beoplay H8 wireless noise reduction Bluetooth headset detailed configuration parameters:

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