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Beijing hoisting machinery inspector qualification examination paper (question and answer part with answers)

question and answer (a total of 5 questions, also need safe operation, 4 points for each question, a total of 20 points)

1. According to gb6067 1985 "safety regulations for lifting appliances", in which case should the hook be reported for abolition? At present, gb/t11144 standard method is adopted in China


the most common are: automatic cement pressure testing machine

(1) cracks

(2) the wear of dangerous section reaches 10% of the original size

(3) the opening degree increases by 15% compared with the original size

(4) torsional deformation exceeds 10

(5) plastic deformation of dangerous section or hook neck

2. According to gb/t14405 1993 General bridge cranes, what are the requirements for the marks of cranes


(1) obvious crane tonnage plate should be set at the position outside the middle span of the crane main beam, and another product quality grade mark can be set. The tonnage plate shall be marked with: ① rated lifting capacity; ② Manufacturer name, logo and trademark (if any)

(2) a crane tag should be installed at a prominent position in the crane cab, and the contents on the tag should include: ① crane name; ② Main performance parameters of crane; ③ Crane model or mark; ④ Manufacturing date or production number; ⑤ Name of manufacturer

3. According to the requirements of gb5144 1994 safety regulations for tower cranes, under what circumstances should the vertical ladder be equipped with a retainer? What are the basic requirements and conditions for setting:


(1) the vertical ladder higher than 2 meters should be set with a retainer

(2) basic requirements and conditions:

① the minimum diameter of the retainer is 650mm

② the distance between retainers is 700 50mm

③ the side of the retainer shall be connected by three strips evenly distributed along the circumference of the retainer

④ any point of the retainer can bear a concentrated load of 1000N. When the ladder is inside the tower body and the distance between it and the structure is less than 1.2m, the guard ring can be omitted

4. What are the requirements for the safety overflow valve of hydraulic truck crane? How to check


(1) the set pressure of the safety relief valve shall not be greater than 110% of the rated working pressure of the system, and shall not be greater than the rated pressure of the hydraulic pump

(2) consult the instruction manual to determine the set pressure of the safety relief valve of each mechanism and the general system. For the mechanism with telescopic oil cylinder, slowly retract the oil cylinder to hold the pressure until the oil pressure no longer rises (observe through the pressure gauge that the oil pressure shall not exceed the set pressure value of the relief valve) to determine the set pressure of the relief valve; For hydraulic motor drive system, the set pressure of overflow valve can be determined through overload test. For the set pressure of the safety relief valve of the general system, the pressure of the relief valve of a mechanism can be increased first, and then the set pressure value can be tested in the same way

5. How many categories of hoisting machinery are there in the catalogue of special equipment published by the State Council? What are they (answer at least 8 kinds)

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answer: there are 12 types of

i. bridge cranes

ii. Gantry crane

iii. tower crane

iv. mobile crane

v. elevator

vi. railway crane

vii. Portal crane

viii. Mast crane

ix. cable crane

x. cantilever crane

xi. Light and small lifting equipment

xii. Mechanical parking equipment

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