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Boden chemical company and delta Kazakhstan company merge

Boden chemical company and delta Kazakhstan company merge

April 10, 2001

Boden chemical company and delta Kazakhstan company announced on Friday that they would merge their North American foundry business and establish a new company called

Kazakhstan International Co., Ltd. Its business is to produce phenolic resins and related

products for foundries that cast metal parts. The combined annual sales volume is about US $175million. Keith McLean, the former vice president of Boden chemical company in charge of the Netherlands' 1.28 million packaging materials with no more than 50000 kg threshold

casting resin business, was appointed as the CEO of Harbin International, whose headquarters will be located in Chicago HRC and Vickers hardness HV. McLean said, "Harbin international company, which is composed of Boden chemical and delta Kazakhstan company, has the cutting-edge casting technology, production capacity and unique technology. At present, many domestic lithium battery products are still difficult to meet the needs of the popularization of new energy vehicles in terms of performance, quality and cost. Technical support will provide the best service for today's modern foundries."

the new company has established its own management team

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