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Beijing vigorously supports the national new media industry base

recently, the national new media industry base made its debut at the 9th China Beijing International Science and Technology Industry Expo

this exhibition fully integrated the on-site interaction link, with high technology as the support and products as the media, conducted a lively and very modern on-site interactive performance, which aroused the interest of many visitors. A series of activities such as virtual studio display, CO SP lay live performance, dynamic capture demonstration and live animation production launched by the exhibition have become the highlights of the science and Technology Expo

according to the overall urban planning of Beijing, the functional positioning of Daxing District and the strategic deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government on the key development of cultural and creative industries, combined with the industrial development foundation and actual situation of Daxing District, Daxing District will focus on the development of cultural and creative industries with new media industry as the core during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan"

On December 31, 2005, the Ministry of science and technology approved the establishment of Beijing Daxing new media industry base of the national torch plan. At present, the new media industry in Daxing District has a certain development foundation and formed certain industrial characteristics

it is learned that Xingguang film and television group, a leading enterprise in the region, has a history of 30 years. It can realize direct extrusion 3D printing of a variety of thermosetting materials such as cross-linked polyester, polyurethane and epoxy resin, and has established business relations with nearly 5000 TV stations and art groups across the country for more than 20 years. People are familiar with "very 6 + 1", "lucky 52", "Happy Dictionary" and so on are recorded here. In addition, Xingguang film and Television Group also obtained a special license from the Ministry of information industry in 2005 to operate satellite communications business nationwide

Daxing's publishing and printing industry also shows a vigorous development trend, and the packaging and printing industry has become one of the leading industries in Daxing District

Daxing's animation production industry has also initially formed an industry university research integration model based on talent training and technology research and development. Peking University School of software and microelectronics, Beijing Institute of printing, Beijing practical advanced technology school, central cultural cadre management college, Beijing Ailian dance school and other institutions can cultivate nearly 1000 high-end animation creation b-constant and creative R & D, animation production advanced practical technology, art and related professionals every year

Daxing District proposed the development idea of "integrating the central part" in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", that is, to establish a central cultural and Creative Industry Zone on the extension line of the south central axis of the capital. This area is the inheritance and extension of Beijing Olympic culture, historical culture and modern culture

in terms of development strategy, the base adheres to the strategic policy of government guidance, market leadership and enterprise main body, takes film and television production, animation tourism, publishing and printing as the basic point, forms a trinity of new media industry development strategic support, takes senior applicable talents as the core, and takes the production of spiritual and cultural products with independent intellectual property rights facing the mainstream and the public as the main direction of attack, consolidates the foundation and aggregates resources, Strive to become the main gathering area of China's new media industry and make due contributions to the development of the capital's cultural and creative industry

in terms of industrial layout, the base will form a "one zone", "which can meet the condensing composition of medical devices ≤ 2mg, and the total carbon content ≤ 50 μ The requirements of gc/g machinery company for the expected performance of products are "three parks" and "three centers", which have their own emphasis and rely on each other to form an organic whole for common development

source: China Business Times

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