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Beiqing digital starts personalized printing

the digital printing center of Beijing Youth Daily, located on the Bank of Tuanjie Hunan, is more like a mini 798. The elegant two-story building, the red and blue color digital printing center at the front door, is particularly prominent. Push the door and enter, and your sight jumps over the simple white front desk. You can see the form of large bay, large span beam and large format glass compartment of the whole first floor, giving you a panoramic view of all printing processes. On closer inspection, the tall workshop is spacious and bright, with clean printing, painting and binding machines placed in an orderly manner, and the busy figures of more than a dozen staff shuttling through it, but it is completely a scene of white-collar offices, with neither roaring machine noise nor ink stained uniforms. The most striking thing is the compartment on the left. Through a whole floor glass wall, a big guy with a length of five or six meters and taller than a person stood there quietly, and still couldn't help grabbing everyone's eyes in silence. This is the main player of Beiqing digital printing center: Kodak nExpress se 2500 color digital printing machine

young and energetic faces, digital machines, clean and bright environment, everything in front of us seems to show that the printing here is not the same as the tradition, showing a fashionable and modern style

Su Pei, deputy general manager of Beijing Youth Daily digital printing center, told that the Beijing Youth Daily digital printing center was established in 2010, and the CBD flagship store located on the East Third Ring Road has a total investment of 12million yuan, which can realize the closed-loop control of force, displacement and deformation. The volume of the North vertical equipment is smaller, and it is easier to operate the professional printing and design talent management of 10 newspapers and 6 periodicals of Beijing Youth Daily. Its purpose is to achieve the best combination of art, commerce and print by combining the cultural expression with Digital Express Printing, print advertising design and commercial image as the main body

our visit begins with a visit. Su Pei is a treasure when he introduces various printing equipment in the digital center, and the big guy behind the glass curtain wall is undoubtedly his favorite. Speaking of it, almost every staff member unconsciously felt proud

it is reported that there are four Kodak nExpress se 2500 color digital printers in China so far, and the other three are in service in Henan post, which are used to print postage products with extremely demanding quality

digital center this Kodak nExpress se 2500 is the first one introduced in the Beijing market, with quality comparable to offset printing. At the same time, the high-speed large format color printing capacity of 2500 pieces per hour of this machine can efficiently complete customer prints. As an image level digital printing equipment, it is the first choice for high-end business printing, high-end personalized printing and image printing

in addition to Kodak nExpress se 2500, the digital center is also equipped with many imported high-speed black-and-white printers such as Ricoh and Fuji Xerox, which can print 135 pieces per minute at a high speed to meet the production of business documents and tenders

the staff told that it was in such a small digital printing center that it already had a full set of imaging, printing and binding equipment. It seems that the Office workshop can fully realize a complete set of processes of pre press plate making, printing and post press production, including bookbinding, of traditional printing

it can be said that the advanced equipment makes Beiqing have the advantage of hardware compared with other enterprises engaged in digital printing

● one printing, variable data, fully personalized printing

then, what kind of people will need digital printing, what products can digital printing print, and what advantages can traditional printing have

the biggest feature of digital printing is that it does not need to adopt the digital printing process from electronic documents to printed matter. Compared with the traditional printing process, digital printing does not need complex processes such as film production and plate making, nor does it have the problem of minimum printing volume and startup fee. Su Pei said that the foreign digital printing market has been relatively mature. Because of the high labor cost, the task of printing less than 5000 copies will be handed over to digital printing. In China, relatively low labor costs and low startup costs of small format equipment virtually occupy part of the living space of digital printing, which is not huge at all. Usually, only tasks less than 300 volumes will be handed over to digital printing, while other markets are occupied by traditional printing. But Su Pei also said that now it belongs to the integration stage of a market, and the soft costs and hard costs are constantly increasing, which will squeeze some enterprises with small equipment out of the market, while large printing enterprises cannot start a small 500 book machine, which will squeeze out a relatively large space for digital printing brushes

the digital characteristics of digital printing bring it inherent advantages. Su Pei told that digital printing can actually start printing on one printed matter and realize completely personalized printing, that is, every printed matter can be different

Su Pei showed the tickets printed by the Digital Center for the photography society. Each ticket has its own number, but these different numbers are printed at one time. For another example, Beiqing weekly recently launched an internal employee personality magazine. In the same issue, different employees can have different character covers

for traditional printing, such printing undoubtedly requires higher cost and longer printing cycle. For digital printing, which should be cleaned frequently, printing the same and repeated printing in large quantities has almost no printing cost and printing time difference, which is equivalent to reducing the brush time of more than 30 million vehicles on the world's roads

the flexibility and personalization of digital printing are unmatched by traditional printing. It is especially reflected in the short production period and the price advantage of small batch printing

it is reported that at present, Beiqing digital printing center has successfully served the government, banks and hundreds of large enterprises. We also hope that more enterprises and even individual users can understand and accept digital printing. Su Pei said that at present, what Beiqing digital can do more is to include the personal image printing market, which is also determined by the hardware conditions and professional resources of Beiqing digital center

● family souvenirs, growth manuals, personalized books

all-round personalized consumption in the digital center

the studio on the second floor of the digital center is the first professional photography studio in CBD, equipped with a full set of lighting equipment, multiple canon and Nikon professional SLR cameras and a full set of studio lenses, and has a professional team covering photographers, graphic designers, lighters, makeup artists and so on. We can't shoot anything except cars. The staff told that the digital center is fully capable of providing one-stop services from planning, design, typesetting to printing, starting from the most front-end image and text collection, and mastering the whole personalized design and printing process. If the photos don't need to be greatly changed, the design and production cycle can usually be completed in half a day, and the printing can be completed in 3 hours, basically on the same day. He confidently described the production cycle of a personalized print

looking forward to the future, Su Pei said that the digital printing center has a huge market to explore. Such as personal photo albums, children's growth albums, personal biographies or memoirs, as well as some short edition books with a small readership, such as ancient books, professional academic papers, books, etc., all have a broad market space for digital printing. Of course, such consumption concept also needs a period of time to cultivate. Su Pei said that the digital printing center does not expect to make much profit at present, but focuses on the next year, positioning the high-end market, and hopes to have more stores and a broader market in a few years

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