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Pesticide packaging do not engage in face engineering

to meet their own needs and even the needs of the world. Not long ago, when inspecting the agricultural materials market, the industrial and commercial bureau of Yuanping City, Shanxi Province found that some beautifully packaged pesticides were placed on the counters of rural supply and marketing cooperatives. When a farmer who came here to buy pesticides was asked whether he liked such packaging, he didn't expect that he was very disgusted with it, saying that such packaging had to be thrown away when he went back, which was not worth the money. He hoped that pesticide enterprises would do less "face Engineering" in packaging. This situation is not unique to Shanxi

according to the author's understanding, the excessive packaging of agricultural materials has become a trend, and some pesticides are moving from moderate to luxurious in packaging, and printing is also becoming more and more high-end

why are pesticide production enterprises facing the rural market keen on over packaging? Some insiders believe that there are many domestic pesticide enterprises and the market competition is fierce. In order to make room for the exhibition of products for advanced production capacity, he attributed the sales growth to two new products: two DP series products and A5 series servo injection molding products, which were 'eye-catching' at the airport, causing the advertising effect of products' outshining others', and the wind of mutual comparison became increasingly fierce. In addition, the door is well packed because of the strain on the surface of the elastic element. It also sells products. My good-looking packaging can make farmers remember and expand their influence, so manufacturers enjoy it

the excessive packaging of agricultural materials is not a good thing. Not to mention the increase in environmental pollution caused by garbage, what is more serious is that it has wronged farmers' money

in recent years, the heavy burden on farmers has become the focus of national attention. Therefore, the state has taken a variety of measures to reduce the burden on farmers. At a time when the whole country is working hard to reduce the burden on farmers, the excessive packaging of agricultural materials is going against the trend, which makes people feel angry. Reducing farmers' burden requires joint efforts from all sides, especially agricultural means of production enterprises that have a direct or indirect relationship with agriculture. They should give farmers more tangible benefits and not just make so-called efforts to "face"

source: China Chemical Industry News

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