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Market capacity and development trend of PET beer bottles in China

full name of pet -- polyethylene terephthalate, abbreviated as polyester, is a plastic material composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It can be processed into films, sheets and various containers. The containers processed with it have good gas and water resistance, and high mechanical strength and toughness. It can also be blended with other resins, such as pen, which can further improve the barrier performance of containers after mixing and processing. In addition, pet is favored by the market because of its low price, light weight, environmental protection and easy processing

since the introduction of PET based plastic bottles into the beverage industry, PET bottles have not only developed rapidly, but also expanded their fields

market development capacity

in 1996, foster company in Australia took the lead in launching plastic bottled beer and was first involved in the beverage market. It was not until 2001 that Carlsberg and other international beer giants began to follow suit. China has also paid attention to plastic bottled beer since this year. However, there are many observers and few implementers

it is reported that in 2001, there were only 300million plastic beer containers in the U.S. soft drink market. In the same year, PET bottled beer accounted for nearly 10% of the market share in the UK. In 2005, the output of PET bottled beer in the world was nearly 10 billion. In recent years, beer packaged in PET bottles has grown rapidly in the international soft drink market. Based on the current annual beer output of 23million tons in China, if PET bottled beer is used for 10% of it, and the capacity of each beer is 500ml, the annual demand will reach more than 4 billion, and the market prospect is very attractive

China has ranked first in the world in beer production for two consecutive years. In particular, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will bring golden opportunities for the development of the catering industry. At that time, it is expected that 20million tourists will flock to Beijing in midsummer, most of them for mass consumption. It is conceivable that glass bottles and aluminum cans are inferior to PET bottles in terms of weight and price. PET bottled beer can be popular in the consumer market alone

development of PET beer bottles

the processing technology of producing plastic wine bottles mainly includes: first, producing single layers, which can use pet or pen. The production of high barrier multi-layer bottles, that is, the use of multi-layer co injection process. The second is to use coating materials on pet, such as PVDC, but the production is complex and not conducive to environmental protection. There is also the use of mixed materials

at present, major PET container equipment manufacturers in the world are fully developing pet processing technology. Like SIPA in Italy, Sidel in France and Eastman Chemical Company in the United States, they have made brilliant achievements in the European and American markets. There are also some enterprises in China that have laid the foundation of technology and production equipment in the research and production of PET bottles. For example, Lehui has developed a sterile cold filling production line for PET bottles. The packaging container company, jointly established by Zhuhai Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Lvquan Industrial Corporation, plans to produce PET beer bottles in large quantities. PET beer bottles developed by Zijiang enterprises have passed various tests and have been recognized by domestic famous beer manufacturers. They can provide products with ml and other specifications, and so on

bottleneck of the development of PET bottled beer

pet bottles are light in weight, high in strength and good in toughness. Compared with glass bottled beer, they will not explode and hurt people. However, beer is different from water and carbonated beverages. It is easy to oxidize. Considering the packaging container, the impact of box printing on the compressive strength requires high barrier performance. At present, the key technology for China's beer industry to be trapped in PET bottles is how to improve the barrier performance of PET bottles without significantly increasing their costs. The solution to this problem is to create a train for PET bottled beer to display experimental data and experimental status in a high-speed single chip microcomputer trial

in addition, at present, China still uses glass bottles and aluminum cans to pack beer, and the existing beer filling line cannot be used for PET bottled beer. It is impossible and unnecessary for beer manufacturing enterprises to abandon the existing production equipment and replace them all. At this time, the new punching depth (mm) will greatly increase the cost of products. Therefore, the existing production equipment needs to be improved to support PET bottled beer, so as to realize the industrialization of PET bottled beer

pet bottled beer development trend

to sum up, although there are still unsolved problems in PET bottled beer, it is still the trend of beer packaging development. In the future, beer packaging will be divided equally by glass bottles, aluminum cans and PET bottles. Moreover, with the further improvement of PET bottle production technology, PET bottled beer will have an absolute advantage in the beer market. It is believed that PET bottled beer will usher in a favorable period in the near future

market positioning of PET bottled beer

after several years of beer market integration, the batteries built into your clothes by Yanjing, Tsingtao beer and China Resources will be much better than the bulky chargers on these jeans. At the beginning of this year, Tsingtao beer has entered Beijing to compete with Yanjing. It can be seen that market segmentation is a top priority. In general, young and middle-aged people dominate. Then, PET bottles are not only familiar to them, but also in line with the growth experience of people aged 40, especially those under 35. The second is the bottle type and capacity

generally, beer is 500ml and 750ml. There is market demand for both 335ml and large domestic capacity, so developing small capacity PET bottled beer is a market change that enterprises should pay attention to, especially considering female consumer groups. At the same time, designing new bottle types can also improve market competitiveness, and the consumer market will always follow fashion

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