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See through the storage behind the web and use NAS to build a station storage platform

Web service is the most important application in the Internet. It is the basic platform for many applications, such as information publishing, data query, data processing, video on demand and so on

for ISPs and other units that provide a lot of information services, such as universities, magazines and companies, in order to strengthen the richness of data, it is necessary to establish a huge database to establish competitive advantages and provide users with more perfect services

usually, different web page requests from different web sites will be responded, queried and transmitted by the same computer. In this way, the performance of the web server will affect the speed of browsing

and when there are many files in the station, especially when the station contains a large number of multimedia files or programs, how to provide the requirements of the web site for mass storage devices will become another problem

web application storage demand analysis

complex multimedia stations rely solely on the storage capacity of the server is far from enough, and with the more intense competition, their information storage and user access need not be restricted by region. In order to ensure the security of data, these data and applications must also be supported by backup services

generally speaking, the storage requirements of web applications include the following aspects:

first, it requires large network storage space, because web applications require a large amount of data

secondly, the storage platform should support multi-user and multi platform data sharing, and should have sufficient security management mode

third, we should be able to centrally manage data and have perfect data protection measures

fourth, the storage platform should have low management and maintenance costs and use costs, and can meet the storage expansion requirements brought about by future business development

nas: it is simple and flexible to provide stations with high adoption of aluminum lithium alloy, which can reduce the mass of aircraft aluminum alloy parts by 14% ⑶ 0% performance storage

at present, there are three main technical modes in the storage market: DAS (Direct Attached Storage), its environmental protection benefit is 10 points significant NAS (Network Attached Storage), San (storage area). NAS - network attached storage, that is, the storage device is connected to the existing network to provide data and file services. NAS server is generally composed of storage hardware, operating system and file system on it

the simple detection standard is not so accurate. NAS is a disk array directly connected to the network. It has the function of automotive interior. Therefore, the design and utilization have undergone revolutionary changes. It has prepared all the main characteristics of disk array: capacity, performance and reliability

nas connects the storage devices through the standard network topology, without the direct connection of the server, and does not rely on the general operating system. Instead, it adopts a simplified operating system designed for users and specially used for data storage, with built-in protocols required for network connection, so the management and setting of the whole system are relatively simple

secondly, NAS is a real plug and play product, and its physical location is flexible. It can be placed in the working group or connected to the network in other places. Therefore, the reason why users choose NAS solution is that NAS is reasonable in price, easy to manage, flexible and can realize file sharing

because NAS uses traditional Ethernet connection and tcp/ip protocol, when sharing files, it can communicate nt and UNIX systems by using NFS and CIFS

and both NFS and CIFS are file sharing protocols based on the operating system, so the performance characteristic of NAS is to share and access small files

nas can also provide heterogeneous file sharing and file service functions in various application fields, including content delivery and distribution, unified storage management, technical computing, and web services. It allows enterprises to increase the capacity of station storage without server downtime

therefore, even globalized companies can increase capacity without interrupting anyone's access to important data anywhere

NFS in UNIX environment and CIFS in Windows NT environment provide a high level of simultaneous file access and maintenance. In addition, NAS solutions help reduce the overall storage cost of the station

nowadays, a large number of graphics, images, audio and video data in web applications are growing, and the amount of information that needs to be stored and transmitted is becoming richer and richer. Traditional storage solutions obviously cannot meet these needs

compared with San, NAS has simple implementation steps and low price. Station users can gradually expand network and storage capacity according to their special needs. Therefore, it is more and more popular and applied by web users

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