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PE-RT II plastic pipe system technology exchange meeting was held in Beijing

recently, in order to improve the technical level and competitiveness of the plastic pipe processing industry and speed up the promotion and application of new technologies and products in the plastic pipe industry such as PE-RT II, the PE-RT II plastic pipe system technology exchange meeting was successfully held in Beijing

the meeting mainly exchanged and discussed the standards, raw materials, testing standards, specifications, processing equipment, production, design and other related issues of PE-RT pipeline products, as well as the application status in water supply industry and floor heating industry. At this meeting, the friction coefficient was specified for domestic plastic pipes( μ a) The efficient approved manufacturing and raw material enterprises provide a platform for technical exchange, and provide technical support for the standardized production of pe-70mm RT II plastic pipes in China. At the same time, pe-r researchers at East Peking University in the United States have developed a new method, which can promote the wide application of customized catheter T-pipes for 3D printing of premature infants or other important medical equipment in the fields of heating, water supply, etc.

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