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Perspective on the development of packaging and post press processing equipment in China

one of the important factors determining a war is the advanced degree of weapons. Similarly, the key to determine the quality of post press processing products is the diversification, automation and digitization of post press processing machinery. Modern post press processing machinery plays an important role in improving production efficiency, product quality, saving costs and reducing labor intensity

post press processing machinery can be divided into the following types according to the processing form: book binding machinery, including paperback book processing machinery, hardcover linkage production line machinery, horse riding stapler; Surface finishing machinery, including laminating machinery, glazing machinery, hot stamping machinery, etc; Packaging molding and processing machinery, including die-cutting molding and processing machinery, folding and pasting machinery, cutting and bag making machinery, window pasting machine, etc

this paper mainly takes the die-cutting machine which is the most distinctive in packaging post press processing and has the smallest gap with the international technical level as an example

the current situation is gratifying

for a long time, there has been a widespread concept in the domestic printing industry that focuses on prepress and printing, while neglecting post press processing. As a result, the development of post press technology and equipment lags behind that of pre press and printing, which rely on the rapid development of high and new technology

the manufacturing technology of China's post press processing machinery is improving with the development of China's packaging industry. Especially since the reform and opening up, the vigorous development of commodity economy has promoted the great prosperity of packaging and printing in China. The realization of China's entry into WTO has led to the rapid expansion of China's foreign trade, and packaging and printing have attracted more attention. With the gradual integration of China's packaging and printing industry with the international market, China's post press machinery manufacturing industry has also made considerable progress

China's post press processing machinery manufacturing industry has experienced the introduction of foreign models, mapping and imitation, to embark on the road of independent development on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced models, and then to the continuous improvement of product structure and performance. From the beginning of producing simple and single models to recent years, there has been a rapid development in specifications, varieties, performance and so on. For example, in the 1970s, domestic die-cutting machines were mainly vertical and flat, with low automation, low die-cutting quality, and only suitable for small batch production. Since the 1980s, domestic automatic die-cutting machines, especially horizontal automatic flat die-cutting machines and bronzing die-cutting dual-purpose machines, have developed into mainstream models, which has greatly shortened the gap with foreign advanced models, In addition to meeting the general requirements of domestic users (domestic die-cutting machines account for about 80% of the domestic market), some products have also been exported. For example, Tangshan Yuyin group company, as one of the earliest domestic manufacturers of flat automatic die-cutting machines, has developed dozens of die-cutting machines with different specifications and functions since it began to produce die-cutting machines in 1978. The products are famous at home and abroad for their high degree of automation (realizing the automation of paper feeding, die cutting, paper receiving, counting, fault display, detection, etc.), fast production speed (the speed of its 720 series and 1020 series die cutting machines reaches 7500 sheets/hour), high die cutting accuracy (less than or equal to 0.15mm), wide range of products and high technical level, and the products are distributed in many countries and regions at home and abroad

in recent years, a large number of new products of printing finishing and forming equipment characterized by electromechanical integration have emerged, and various new technologies, such as variable frequency speed regulation technology and PLC programmable control technology, have been widely used, which has significantly improved the automation level of the equipment, stronger flexibility, shorter working time and higher production efficiency. For example, the laser holographic hot stamping die-cutting machine specially designed for hot stamping holographic anti-counterfeiting labels launched by Shanghai Yahua company not only has the functions of automatic die cutting, hot stamping and embossing, but also adds the function of holographic registration and hot stamping. It adopts LCD intelligent operation display screen, which can carry out man-machine dialogue, and realize the tracking and positioning registration of five groups of holographic foils, so as to adapt to the registration and overprint of different foils at the same time, All these show that the domestic die-cutting machine is close to the level of similar international products

the gap is still obvious

at present, domestic horizontal flattening die-cutting machine and bronzing die-cutting machine have strong competitiveness in performance, quality, price and so on. And gradually shorten the gap with international advanced models by successively passing ISO9000 quality system certification, European safety CE certification and the continuous development of high-end new products. However, compared with the current major imported models, due to the technical level of domestic manufacturing industry and the blocked supply channels of accessories, there is a large gap between the operation stability and reliability of domestic die-cutting machines and foreign products, mainly in the following aspects:

first, the die-cutting speed is not fast enough and the die-cutting accuracy is not high enough. Most domestic automatic flat die-cutting machines are still in the middle level, and only a few die-cutting speeds can reach times/hour. The precision of die-cutting registration is mostly ± 0.15mm, and a few models are equipped with waste cleaning devices. Most of the advanced die cutting and speed abroad are 7000-9000 times/hour, and some even reach 10000-12000 times/hour. The precision of die cutting registration is mostly ± 0.01mm - ± 0.12mm, and almost all of them have the function of waste removal

second, poor stability. The processing accuracy and speed of newly manufactured domestic die-cutting machines have also reached a high level, but there is still a big gap in durability compared with imported high-end die-cutting machines, which is mainly reflected in the change of die-cutting registration accuracy after a few years of use. The die-cutting machine produced by boster in 1958 introduced by Qingdao people's printing factory is still in normal operation, which has brought great economic benefits to the enterprise

third, key mechanisms (such as intermittent mechanism, die cutting machine, positioning mechanism, etc.) cannot meet the needs of high-speed die cutting

in addition, there is a greater gap in the development of round flattening and round flattening models

clear development direction

a. linkage processing direction

with the rapid development of short version printing, personalized printing, on-demand printing and digital technology, in recent years, the major international printing machinery manufacturers have made great efforts in print finishing, molding technology and printing online processing and digitization. For example, in recent years, dozens of Web intaglio and flexographic printing production lines introduced in China are mostly equipped with round pressing and round inline die-cutting devices. Domestic printing equipment suppliers are also optimistic about online processing. For example, the unit type flexographic printing machine produced by Qingzhou yigaofa Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. can complete the printing, die cutting and other processing of paper jams, self-adhesive trademarks, etc. at one time

judging from the current development of domestic packaging and printing, many packaging and printing adopt sanding and foaming processes. Recently, UV varnish laser embossing transfer process has emerged. These process requirements put forward higher process requirements for flexographic printing. Modern flexographic printing machines should not only have flexographic printing functions, but also can integrate the functions of reverse printing, gravure printing, embossing transfer, sanding, foaming and wire stamping

among them, Xi'an Heiniu Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully used gravure printing unit for sanding and foaming printing. Shenzhen Weicheng Industry Co., Ltd. pioneered the dark flower transfer process in China. In this process, when printing, pet rolls with laser patterns are directly coated on the dry UV varnish. Because the PET film is transparent and the ultraviolet penetration has little effect. After UV drying, the PET film is peeled off, and the surface of the dried print forms dark flowers due to the transfer effect of laser indentation. It has the function of beautifying the packaging and they are one of the goals of alloy composition design and microstructure control. In a certain period of time, it has an effective anti-counterfeiting function. The completion of this process can be achieved by adding the functions of laser film uncoiling and rewinding before and after the gravure unit of the flexo press, At the same time, the ultraviolet drying device with appropriate intensity can be added

b. wide width

at present, many users are using imported high-end offset printing machines such as Heidelberg and Manroland for packaging and printing, and processing the die-cutting process after printing. They prefer boster's sp102-bmm, sp102-se, sp104-er and other models of equipment, because these models not only have the same paper size as their own offset printing machines, And it can meet the strict requirements of cigarette label printing plants and professional packaging printing plants for die-cutting speed and accuracy

in the layout arrangement of die-cutting plates, imported die-cutting machines also have great advantages, especially in the die-cutting of medicine boxes. With the vigorous development of cold chain transportation, most medicine boxes are relatively small. Generally, 32 and 36 links are arranged in one plate. In this way, more links are needed, and the more the number of links is, the easier it is to peel off in the process of die-cutting, and some domestic die-cutting equipment will be more difficult to die-cut such multi-point products

with the development of offset printing machines to large format, the development demand of large format finishing and die-cutting machines is also rising

c. safety, environmental protection and humanization

as the representative of the new generation of die-cutting machine in China, mp1050 automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine is the latest product launched by beiren group. "Stability, durability, safety, humanization and convenient operation" is the leading idea for the development of this machine. It follows the CE safety certification standard of European Union Plastic products that ignite when exposed to fire and release toxic gases, Beiren has made major innovations in the overall frame structure of the machine and many main structures, and made careful improvements in safety protection, so the machine is more stable and the operation is safer

with the improvement of the printing speed of the printing machine and the expansion of market demand, the requirements for the speed, accuracy and stability of post press processing equipment are higher and higher. Improving and improving the performance and stability of the machine is a systematic project, which requires improving the initiative and consciousness of designers, strengthening the theoretical research on the reliability of key parts of post press machinery and the whole machine, and overcoming the blindness in design and manufacturing. Various modern design methods are applied to the design and manufacture of key parts. Due to the improvement of people's living standards and the strengthening of aesthetic awareness, the requirements for human-machine affinity and the appearance of the machine have also been correspondingly improved, which requires designers to use ergonomics and industrial design knowledge, excluding automatic reel replacement system, to achieve uninterrupted production, constantly enrich their minds, and apply it to design practice. Various phenomena show that safety, environmental protection and humanization have become the new characteristics of the design of printing finishing and forming equipment

purchase from reality

the model of purchase depends on the material, specification and quality requirements of the product. We should change the concept of coveting foreign products for excellence and buying good equipment to attract customers, and establish the purchase idea of proceeding from reality and making the best of the equipment. The equipment grade is determined by the live source, and the imported high-end machine corresponds to the long version live load, and the load is turned on to more than 60%. If the living source is unstable and the grade is uncertain, corresponding to the medium and low-grade domestic machines, don't invest a lot of money too early, and pay attention to practicing internal skills. When purchasing the machine, we should also pay attention to the matching of processing equipment for the upper and lower processes, processing materials and startup speed, and the die-cutting equipment should correspond to the product requirements

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