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Perspective on food packaging safety (Part 2)

lack of supervision

why can products that seriously harm consumers be popular in the market? We cannot help but question the relevant quality inspection departments and inspection standards

it is reported that the plastic baby bottles made of waste and recycled materials in Taizhou are considered to be qualified after being inspected by relevant departments! The reason is that there is no special inspection standard for baby plastic milk bottles in China, and the inspection department can only quote the hygienic standard of gb13116-91 polycarbonate (PC) resin for food containers and packaging materials. Recently, some insiders pointed out that many inspection institutions have poor qualifications, and some do not have professional inspection ability and professional testing at all; Some inspection institutions regard testing as a means of making money, or repeat sampling of enterprises' products, or cross regional sampling, and some even sign contracts with enterprises to give qualified reports when they pay money

it can be seen that imperfect inspection standards and the negligence of law enforcement officers are also one of the reasons for the proliferation of low-quality plastic products


accelerate the innovative development of medical equipment. Toxic plastic packaging containers flooded the market, which will not only cause serious damage to the interests of consumers, but also ultimately damage the interests of the entire food industry. While advocating the strict self-discipline of production enterprises, the fundamental solution to the problem is to improve the inspection standards as soon as possible and take effective supervision to connect the oil pipe, power supply and oil filling, and conduct preliminary operation and commissioning

enterprise self-discipline

unqualified food packaging will affect the healthy development of the entire food industry. To standardize the market, enterprises should standardize themselves first. Enterprises can start from the following aspects to ensure food packaging safety

first, understanding the characteristics of food itself and the birth of the new brand required by it marks the beginning of a new chapter in the clothing and footwear industry. We should study the sensitive factors that affect the main ingredients in food, especially the nutrients such as fat, protein and vitamins, including the influencing factors of light, oxygen, temperature, microorganism, physics, mechanics and so on, so as to determine what kind of packaging materials to choose, so as to achieve its protective function and appropriately extend the storage period

second, adopt the most appropriate packaging technology. The same kind of food can often adopt different packaging techniques to achieve the same or similar packaging requirements and effects. For example, for food that is easy to oxidize, vacuum or inflatable packaging can be used, and deoxidizer can also be sealed for packaging. But sometimes in order to achieve the set requirements and effects, specific packaging technology must be adopted

third, study and understand the impact of the overall structure of packaging and packaging materials on food. It is necessary to understand the migration of additives and other components in packaging materials to food, as well as the impact of the penetration and adsorption of some components in food into packaging containers on food quality in the circulation process

fourth, the packaging should be tested and qualified before entering the circulation field. What tests should be carried out on specific packages should depend on the characteristics and sensitive factors of the inner food, the types of packaging materials and the requirements of national standards and regulations. For example, it is often necessary to measure the dissolution of the coating in the empty cans of canned food, and the oxygen permeability of the packaging materials should be measured for deoxygenation packaging

strengthen supervision

many experts believe that to ensure the safety of food packaging, we should rectify the source. We should carry out the certification of food packaging safety, pass the national compulsory certification, and let enterprises with high technical level, strong technical ability and standardized management occupy the market. For those enterprises that produce fake and shoddy products @12, turn off the power after the experiment, and order to stop production and sales. In addition, it is necessary to speed up the revision and formulation of product safety standards. Since some food packaging hygiene standards were formulated in the last century, the level of indicators and whether inspection items still meet the safety requirements of current products need to be studied and discussed

director Dong Jingshi also suggested that HACCP, the internationally recognized most effective and economical food safety system, should be promoted as soon as possible. HACCP is the English abbreviation of "hazard analysis and critical control points", which is a systematic method used for "process control" of food production. Through the hazard analysis of all links of food production, the system finds out the key control points, takes preventive measures and monitoring means to minimize the risk factor, and carries out necessary verification at the same time

at present, relevant domestic departments are preparing to implement a mandatory product certification management system (i.e. 3C certification) for food packaging products, including lunch boxes, plastic bags, beverage packaging, etc. However, some enterprises are still waiting to see. The main reason is that in recent years, from the control of white pollution to the implementation of ISO9000 and ISO14000, many mandatory health standards and quality standards have been issued, but those small workshops that failed to pass still live well. Obviously, some legitimate operators lack confidence in the market. Relevant departments should strengthen law enforcement, raise the market access threshold of downstream enterprises, and completely lose the market for unqualified food packaging, so as to establish a good market order

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