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Perspective Zoomlion's new "reload" is supported by "upgrade"

perspective Zoomlion's new "reload" is supported by "upgrade"

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5 major sectors, 11 categories, 51 series, and more than 1200 products will appear with new coatings... Zoomlion's reload action has once again written an amazing pen in the equipment manufacturing industry

on closer inspection, the reloading of Zoomlion is not accidental. Behind the change, Zoomlion actively embraces the new situation, which is an embodiment of the equipment manufacturing industry and the "ultimate" spirit

behind the change: supported by "upgrading"

with the rapid rise of a number of domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises led by Zoomlion, not only in terms of the advantages of low odor and extremely low shrinkage, but also in terms of R & D and product performance, the absup materials developed by techno Jinmin have quickly reached and surpassed the international level, and resource integration and market expansion have also extended to the global market. Whether in developed markets in Europe and the United States, or in developing markets such as Brazil and India, the symbol of "Zoomlion" can often be seen. China's construction machinery products have "blossomed" in the world

in 2005, with the increasingly rich product pedigree and increasingly fierce market competition, Zoomlion began to deal with product appearance differentiation and brand personalization. In this context, Zoomlion sorted out and standardized the coating of all products in 2005

the first impression of many people is the "blue and white color matching" of Zoomlion. The founder Zhan Chunxin and most of his team came from Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of construction, and blue symbolizes knowledge and books. Calm and wise "technology blue" is an annotation to the "pedigree" of the Institute for the operation method of its division 2 friction and wear experimental machine, and also represents the vision of the industrialization of science and technology and the industrialization of science and technology

in 2008, Zoomlion acquired CIFA, an Italian concrete machinery company, marking the official opening of a new chapter in the internationalization process. Then, at the 2010 Beijing BICES exhibition, Zoomlion launched a special product coated with white orange. As the main color of Zoomlion's third-generation coating, "white orange color matching" is jointly developed by Zoomlion and CIFA's central European design team, making Zoomlion's international image more distinctive

at the beginning of 2015, Zoomlion unveiled a new coating with "Aurora green" as the main color. Green, which represents vigorous vitality and growth, is another upgrade after the "blue white color matching" to the "white orange color matching". "Green is better than blue". The launch of the new coating marks the beginning of another "upgrading" road

in the view of design experts, Zoomlion's new coating can also be called "extreme". Yan Yang, a professor in the Department of industrial design of the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University, pointed out that the new coating of Zoomlion had made the insiders find great potential in the field of industrial design of construction machinery. "This time Zoomlion changed the coating, which enhanced the academic community's study of industrial design of construction machinery, effectively understood the needs of enterprises, and opened a new era of industrial design."

concept first: the ultimate connotation of new coating

a good design team is the soul of changing new coating. Zoomlion took great pains in selecting the new coating design team this time. During the global visit, in addition to reviewing the qualifications of the design company, it also focused on whether the design company has the same extreme thinking

the Italian Zagato company selected this time is one of the best industrial modeling design teams in the world. From the 10th of last century to now, it has been measuring the physical properties of various materials for international standards or industry standards. It has designed models for sports car brands such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and has many works leading the trend of cars

as early as three years ago, Zagato designed the first hybrid concrete mixer E9 for Zoomlion CIFA, which won the red dot award known as the Oscar in the design industry in 2013

however, what really impressed Zoomlion was a quantifier designed by Zagato. This quantifier can be customized and standardized according to the number of people when making pasta, so that Zoomlion staff can personally experience the design charm of Zagato, and its humanized design, attention to detail, and pursuit of product excellence, which coincides with the concept of "pursuing the ultimate, inheritance" that Zoomlion adheres to

because of this same extreme thinking, in the past 10 months, the two companies have worked closely together, with 2000 minutes of international calls, 145 emails, and more than a dozen round-trip flights between Milan and Changsha, the new coating design has gradually taken shape. The new coating, which grabs the natural true colors of life, "Aurora green, gravel grey, star grey", is endowed with the harmonious coexistence between Zoomlion equipment manufacturing products and the natural ecology, and more embodies the connotation of wisdom and humanization of equipment manufacturing products

in the words of Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, "I think this comprehensive change of coating is a forward-looking and courageous move of Zoomlion to actively respond to the national 'the Belt and Road' strategy and comprehensively promote made in China to the world."

Zoomlion's new coating design concept is the embodiment of the "extreme" spirit. The new coating with a sense of modernity and industry reflects the connotation of wisdom and humanization of equipment manufacturing products in the Internet + and 4.0 era, as well as the pursuit of a better human life

"the new coating reflects Zoomlion's confidence in its own enterprise strength, shows Zoomlion's determination to occupy the international market, and also releases Zoomlion's ingenuity in pursuing extreme feelings." In Qi Jun's view

as an industry leader, Zoomlion has entered the development stage of transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing industry to high-end intelligent service-oriented manufacturing industry, where multiple sectors such as engineering machinery, environmental industry and agricultural machinery can go hand in hand, and PHA can be as strong as engineering plastics. It is Zoomlion's expectation for the future to establish industry confidence and pursue extreme feelings

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