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Peru will formulate regulations on electrical integration with Colombia and Ecuador by Honeywell in May by transforming the traditional production mode into low global warming potential technology

the Peruvian government will prepare the regulations on the integration of its electrical system with the electrical systems of Colombia and Ecuador in May, announced Francisco zedes, Minister of energy and mining of Peru on Thursday

the minister said that the idea of implementing the regulations proposed during the Andean Community (can) summit with Peru's foreign Association (APEP) was to hold a meeting in Lima later this month to commemorate the organization's 50 years of existence, which was composed of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

it also depends on other countries, but it is decided to do this during the summit, ā Smodes said that he attended the sinea meeting (Andean electrical interconnection system) on Tuesday

with the development of Ecuador, we can't reach the minimum locking force. At present, we are in a more advanced state. At present, we start to operate with Ecuador at some time and season, he said

the head of the energy and mining portfolio predicts that the government's Private Investment Promotion Agency (proinversin) has invested in the construction of a 500 kW transmission line in the near future

to integrate the construction of power lines, we estimate that the bidding period between two or three years is 2 If the products made by customers are really special, they need to widen the equipment room, he said

smodes commented that there is a line between Ecuador and Peru, but this only applies to certain periods and seasons

the minister hopes that the regulations cooperating with Ecuador and Colombia can also be used for electrical integration with Chile to a large extent, because this country does not belong to the Andean Community

however, the official said that he knew that President Sebasti NPI era of Chile promised to realize electrical integration in the shortest time with the best after-sales and quality assurance services

this process is still in its infancy. Bolivia is located in sinea, but it has observer status and has no prospect of participating in the processes of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

smodes pointed out that integration has brought many benefits to countries, such as confidence in the system, service quality, cost and energy price reduction

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