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Luoba Compressor Co., Ltd. Chongqing Branch

Luoba Compressor Co., Ltd. in order to improve the performance of ABC column, Chongqing Branch

German Luoba Chongqing branch is located in Yuzhou Road, high tech Zone, Chongqing. Thanks to the love of our customers, our business has developed rapidly, and our products have spread all over various industries. In order to provide convenient and fast technical services for distinguished customers in Southwest China in a more convenient and timely manner, the company has set up an office in Chongqing and a technical service point in Wanzhou, Chongqing, hoping to solve various difficulties encountered in the air compression system for you. With the strategic vision that talent is competitiveness, the company has gathered a large number of industry veterans and professional technicians with many years of after-sales service and maintenance experience. We are ready to provide you with technical support and help and give you comprehensive technical answers. It also has a number of standby units to provide guarantee for the regular maintenance of enterprise equipment or other needs, and assist relevant departments of the enterprise to complete production tasks. In addition to operating its own screw air compressors of Luoba brand, the company also operates air compressors of Hitachi, Shengang and other well-known brands. At the same time, they also sell the downstream parts and consumables of various well-known brands of air compressors. They also affirmed the humidity driven shrinkage mechanism of go-pda nanocomposites due to uneven stress on the sheets, provided OEM parts and consumables for air compressors, and provided overhaul and maintenance services for various screw hosts. I believe that with your support, we will do better

no matter what industry you are in, as long as you need it, we will try our best to offer you products, technologies and professional services that exceed your expectations! We will provide you with all-round technical support for air compressors and strive to save production costs for you, "said Richard Kirkby, product manager of biesterfeld petroplas engineering polymers! It is our bounden duty to help you concentrate on improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise

Company Name: Luoba Compressor Co., Ltd. Chongqing Branch

: (Chongqing)/(Wanzhou)

Fax: (Chongqing)/(Wanzhou)

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contact person: Mr. Wen

address: F-1, unit 2, block a, Kecheng garden, No. 35, Yuzhou Road, high tech Zone, Chongqing/No. 19, Tangfang section, Yuba Road, Tiancheng Town, Wanzhou District

email: cqecogen@

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