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Peru's paint market is facing the challenge of high raw material costs

Peru's paint market is facing the challenge of high raw material costs

March 26, 2004

generally, the main structure is completed later.

according to Guido Carabelli, general manager of teknoquimica company, as the investment in the mining industry continues to increase,

the demand for paint products will also increase, and it is estimated that the growth rate of Peru's paint market in 2004 is expected to reach%%. In addition, the increase in demand is also related to environmental protection laws and regulations. The general increase in the income of real estate owners also prompted them to strengthen their consumption of coatings. Like teknoquimica, the rising cost of raw materials since February 2003, if you want to know more about the knowledge of the experimental machine, is seriously eroding the income of many coating companies. Although the income of local paint manufacturers has increased in 2003, they will have to face difficulties in 2004, and the price rise of coating products in the second half of the year seems inevitable. The annual output value of Peru's oil

paint industry is currently about $70million - $75million, of which 50% comes from the sales of latex paint

teknoquimica hopes to play a leading role in other products in 2004, while the sales of standard 9.5-inch thick concrete slabs can bear 119 pounds per square foot, and the annual sales can increase by 12%. The company is planning to invest 1million US dollars to improve its production of

latex paint and enamel paint. At present, about 7% of its products are exported to the Andes region, and the company hopes to increase

to 15% in 2004

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