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Many people know that the light wall should be pasted with cloth or kraft paper before painting, but few people know that the light wall should also be hung with steel wire mesh before tiling. This is because the tiles are heavy, and the keel in the light body wall is easy to deform and shift under its influence, affecting the external cement pressure plate, resulting in the hollowing of the tiles, while hanging the steel wire mesh can average the stress on the wall, thus reducing the probability of hollowing of the tiles. Similarly, the same is true for internal insulation walls and riser walls with similar structures. For another common material &mdash& mdash; There are different opinions in the industry on whether light bricks should be connected to the net. Consumers can choose according to their economic affordability

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on October 7 last year, Mr. Zhang began to decorate the new house. During the decoration process, Mr. Zhang asked workers to hang a layer of steel wire mesh before laying tiles on the flue and ventilation riser, because “ I've heard it for a long time (we should deal with it in this way), otherwise it will be empty in the future ”, But the workers rejected the proposal and promised &mdash& mdash;& ldquo; It won't be empty for 10 years ”, Unexpectedly, less than half a year after check-in, the tiles on the ventilation duct and flue riser were hollowed out and fell off one after another

since then, Mr. Zhang has called the construction party many times to ask for maintenance, but he has never been able to get through& ldquo; Now I don't know what to do. Will there be more and more empty tiles? How to deal with it& rdquo; Mr. Zhang was very worried, so he called our newspaper, “ I hope experts can come to help me and solve this big problem for me& rdquo;

On April 18, the reporter and Qi Fuquan, manager of the Engineering Department of Longfa decoration Beijing Branch, came to Mr. Zhang's home. His home is an apartment with two bedrooms and one living room. After entering the hall, turn right and come to the bathroom& ldquo; Listen to the sound. It's empty. The whole wall is empty& rdquo; Mr. Zhang said, tapping the east wall of the ventilation riser with his hand. In addition, we found that the joints at both ends of the tiles on the east side of the ventilation riser have also cracked, and the coin fortress of a dime is at the narrowest part of the crack, so that it will not slip

then he took us to the kitchen& ldquo; That tile fell off before, and then I stuck it on myself& rdquo; Mr. Zhang pointed to the top tile of the flue riser and said, “ I can't see it now& rdquo; However, after careful observation, you will find that the bottom of this ceramic tile is still a little cocked, and it is not closely bonded to the wall

expert diagnosis

hanging the net reduces the hollowing probability of ceramic tiles

according to Qi Fuquan, at present, the light body wall, internal insulation wall and riser wall of the pipeline are mostly made by the method of keel plus cement pressure plate, that is, first lay a layer of keel, and then seal it with cement pressure plate. When tiling on this kind of wall, because the ceramic tile is heavy, the keel is easy to deform and shift after being stressed, and the cement pressure plate will also change to a certain extent. At the same time, with the evaporation of water, the cement mortar and other materials will also shrink, which makes the ceramic tile prone to hollowing

“ In order to reduce the possibility of hollowing of ceramic tiles, steel wire mesh is usually hung before tiling, because the steel wire mesh is a horizontal and vertical structure, which can disperse and average the stress degree of the keel& rdquo; Qi Fuquan said, “ In addition to hanging nets, there are other treatment methods, such as using interface agent or proportioning mortar, but the cost is relatively high& rdquo;

what other materials are used for light body wall, internal insulation wall and riser wall? Can these walls be made of materials without nets? The reporter interviewed a number of industry experts, who agreed that the above walls are usually made of cement pressure plates or light body bricks, but there were differences on whether the walls made of light body bricks still need to be hung with nets. Han Haitao, manager of the Engineering Department of KuoDa decoration Beijing Branch, believes that the nature of light brick is relatively stable, and there is little possibility of its own change. However, because light brick (mostly made of cinder and other waste materials) and original wall (mostly cement) are two different materials, it is not easy to combine, so nets should be hung at the joints of the two; Wang Enlai, the manager of the Engineering Department of Yuanzhou decoration branch, believes that the joints between light bricks and the original wall are mostly internal corners. Even if the net is not hung, the possibility of cracks and hollows in the tiles is very small; In this regard, Qi Fuquan believes that although the performance of light-weight bricks is much more stable than that of keel and cement pressure plate, the light-weight bricks have lighter texture and looser material, so the possibility of hollowing of tiles cannot be ruled out, so hanging nets is the safest method

“ In the same way, there is also the possibility of hollowing the tiles on the flue riser, but this should not be the reason why the tiles fall off in Mr. Zhang's kitchen. Because the fallen tiles are located at the entrance of the flue, and there is no hollowing or cracking of the surrounding tiles, it should be caused by punching and shaking the tiles when connecting the smoke exhaust pipe of the range hood and the flue& rdquo; Qi Fuquan said

experts suggest that

reduce trouble and simple maintenance

“ In the future, there will be more and more empty tiles. Although it is impossible to say how long the tiles will fall off, they will certainly fall off over time. Therefore, the best way is to dismantle the riser wall and use light bricks to build the wall. After all the steel wire mesh is hung, bricks are pasted& rdquo; Qi Fuquan said

according to Qi Fuquan's estimation, the duration of complete maintenance should be about one week. According to the price of medium-grade materials, the cost should be about 1000 yuan& ldquo; In fact, the construction period is not long, and the cost is not very high. The key is to affect the normal life now& rdquo; Qi Fuquan suggested, “ If you're afraid of trouble, just fill the cracks with jointing agent now, and wait until later& rdquo;

in addition, Qi Fuquan also said that the decoration of Mr. Zhang's home was completed in November last year and is still within the scope of warranty. The construction party should be required to repair it as soon as possible, for Mr. Zhang “ Whether it is a quality problem and whether it can be claimed ” Qi Fuquan said: “ Hanging steel wire mesh can only reduce the possibility of hollowing of tiles, and can not completely eliminate hollowing of tiles. Therefore, it can not be regarded as a quality problem, and it is difficult to claim& rdquo;

other problems

small problems have little impact

in addition to the problem of hollow tiles, experts also found that the brick joints between the wall and floor tiles in Mr. Zhang's bathroom were not aligned at the scene, with a spacing of as much as 10 cm. In this regard, Qi Fuquan said, “ Butt joint is not a hard requirement, but considering the beauty, workers should try to lay tiles on the butt joint& rdquo; As it is very troublesome and expensive to re align, this situation does not affect normal life at present. Qi Fuquan suggested that Mr. Zhang maintain the status quo

there are obvious cracks in the door pocket line of the toilet& ldquo; The installation workers of the finished door manufacturer should communicate with the Tilers in advance to determine where the tiles should be paved or where the door pocket line should be& rdquo; Qi Fuquan said, “ In this way, the gap between the door pocket and the wall will be more reasonable, and it will be more beautiful after being covered with glass glue, so there will be no cracks& rdquo;




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