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Watching the housing price soar at a rocket like speed, many people sigh that it is too difficult to change a big house. Don't worry, look at the room you live in now, and see if there is still room to excavate, and whether the corridors and aisles that you ignore have not been fully utilized. In the era of high housing prices, every inch of space is worth every inch of land

the decoration of the house is as meticulous as art. In the design and layout of home space, there are many seemingly fragmented "corner spaces", such as corridors, corridors or attics, stairs and other special-shaped parts. How to make good use of these fragmented spaces? How can you realize your living desire in an effective area, express your life taste, and save money for yourself from another angle

wash basins are set at the end of the corridor

in many house types, the end of the corridor often forms a dead corner. It would be a pity to abandon or simply decorate it. These dead corners can be "revitalized" according to the house type and the needs of the owners. For example, an open hand washing basin is added in this case, which makes full use of the space on the one hand, and mirrors, beautiful small cabinets and hand basins are good decorations on the other hand. In recent years, dry and wet zoning has become a popular trend, and it is a good idea to change the end of the corridor into a hand washing area

ingenious washing table under the stairs

the owner built an attic in the house. There is a weak current box in a short wall under the stairs, so the wall cannot be completely removed. So the wall was torn down in half, and the stairs were built directly to the attic. The space under the stairs is fully utilized as a wash basin, and the remaining space can just accommodate the next small bathroom cabinet. Under the half wall of the stairs, two high and low cabinets are used to replace the stairs that should extend to the ground, and more items can be stored in the cabinets

the plane turns into a three-dimensional one, creating a fragmented functional area

the door frame of the kitchen is also designed as a display frame, which saves a lot of space

at the end of the corridor is a display painting, and the cabinet on the left side of the corridor increases the storage space

simple shelves turn irregular walls into bookshelves

the idle space at the end of the stairs can be used to transform into a children's study

for home space, corner space is often the place where the spatial direction or function changes, and its good or bad use directly reflects the level of home design

According to Wei Feng, an independent designer, the space that is easy to ignore and cause waste at home is mainly some corners, such as the space generated by the intersection between the wall and the wall, and the space generated when the wall meets the ground. The other is the fragmented space generated by the intersection of different functional spaces, such as corridors and aisles

Wei Feng said that when considering how to give full play to the maximum use value of space, in addition to the existing pattern of home, it can also transform plane space into three-dimensional space, breaking the established space restrictions. The special spatial location of the corners connects different spatial interfaces, so you need to look at "four sides" in home design

designer Yin Yong told reporters that the intersection can often give full play to the maximum use value of the room. The general design method is to use the triangle formed by two planes to plan a storage space that can accommodate more items. Generally, customized composite furniture can be used, such as designing the corner cabinet at the corner of the wall into a 360 ° rotating angle through the height cabinet

vertical space layered processing

designer Li Lingling said that for spaces with limited horizontal area and large vertical scale, the most commonly used method is layered processing

for example, the room is set in layers, and the middle is connected by stairs or escalators with large slopes, which virtually doubles the effective use area and makes the space rich in changes. In the bedroom, bookshelves, writing desks, computer desks, lockers and other functions are designed vertically, which can be retracted and put freely, and the space can be fully utilized. Hanging cabinets and hammocks from the roof can meet all use needs and make the space colorful. You can even use wood, bamboo, stainless steel, synthetic fiber, etc. of different materials to make soft hanging walls that can be rolled up. You can pull it down when you need it, and you can pull it up when you don't need it

compound utilization of scattered space

for those scattered areas that are easy to be ignored in the bedroom, designer Chen Rong suggested that the design of these spaces should have the idea of rational extension and compound utilization in the horizontal direction

Chen Rong said that the rational and efficient use of incomplete walls and fragmented space should become the key to room layout. The corridor can not only be used as an intermediary space for passing through and crossing, but also can be displayed and used more effectively as long as the space above the head is fully explored and fully considered into the complete space of the room. For example, oil paintings, photos, souvenirs, etc. can be placed here, and the selection and distribution of background walls and light sources can be designed according to the style of different exhibits. The scenery is easy to move and interesting

in duplex or duplex houses, the aisle area at the entrance of the upstairs stairs is relatively large, so the aisle can be changed into a hallway. And decorate it as a chess room, chat room or bar. Although the space scale is small, the atmosphere is cordial and peaceful

■ the door frame of the corridor passage becomes a display shelf

in this space, the designer cleverly used the door frame to expand the door into the kitchen into a bookshelf and display shelf, which not only saves space, but also echoes with the fireplace and decorative paintings next to it, and greatly improves the utilization rate of the passage in this room

books and CDS can be collected here, which can easily create a quiet and comfortable space

the corridor can be transformed into a dressing room

on the premise that the structure cannot be changed, the corridor can be transformed into a large dressing room. Half the area of the corridor is used as an "indomitable" storage space, which makes full use of the upper layer of the space and extends the utilization rate upward. Making full use of this uncommon space is also a way to save space

special guidance: Dongyirisheng decoration headquarters design center; Liu Qiang, designer of KuoDa decoration North Branch; Wu Xuefeng, KuoDa decoration designer; Song Hongbing, Yuanzhou decoration designer

■ practical bookshelf with inclined roof in fragmented space

making corresponding cabinets according to the inclined abnormal space is a common means to solve the abnormal space. In this case, the study is located on the top floor, and the irregularity of the roof determines the irregularity of the wall surface, so the sharp corner bookshelves designed according to the situation on the roof, and the spacious shelves on the lower floor can be used as bookshelves to put more books; The top corner is used as a display platform to display the beautiful decorations one by one, which also becomes a decorative landscape of the room

the storage room behind the inclined roof hidden door

the inclined roof in the room is often the manufacturer of abnormal zero space. Behind the kitchen cabinet, there is a very low storage room, which is also caused by the irregular shape of the roof. However, this storage space originally did not belong to the area of the room. After it was found, the owner made a secret door on the wall and usually hid it behind the cabinet. The unused things are put inside. Although the area is not large, it saves space very much

the stairwell is made into a children's study

now the loft of small houses is very common. In this case, considering that the blank space of the stairwell is not used, the designer directly opened an open children's study in the stairwell. The top of the study is a slope, so this slope is specially designed with a bookshelf, which can be used for books and decorations. Because the top itself is sharp, it is made into a circle, so even if the child touches the roof, there will be no big problem

■ master trick

fantasy mottled light and shadow channel

Huang Zhen, female, salesperson "as soon as we entered the corridor, the upper half was sealed as an independent storage space. I also dreamed that if the walls on both sides of the aisle were replaced with glass bricks, we could have a unique mottled light and shadow channel, which must be great, and it would be very beautiful without any decoration."

the corridor is set as the laundry area

Peng Wen, staff member "I set the corridor of my home as the laundry area, and then installed a curtain to hide the washing machine. In addition to using the washing machine, I also set up storage facilities around it to meet the storage needs of various washing supplies, clothes to be washed and other items. But it should be noted that the laundry area set in the kitchen must be set up with independent drainage to avoid mixing with the kitchen drainage system. The laundry area integrating cleaning and ironing should try to turn the power supply to It is set above the table to facilitate the plugging and unplugging of small appliances such as iron. "




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