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The coolness of autumn began to deepen, but the decoration was "hot". Experienced people know that autumn decoration has many advantages, such as dry weather, wood panels are not easy to regain moisture, and paint and paint are easy to dry, but there will also be some unique decoration sequelae. Life home editor specially integrates all kinds of home decoration information for you, and launches a family decoration guide series to decorate a most romantic and warm love nest for you

now the floor material that people like most in decorating their rooms is the floor. Whether it is a strong, durable and easy to take care of laminate floor, or a beautiful and generous solid wood floor with good foot feel, there are a large number of consumer groups. When choosing flooring, people often focus on the quality of flooring, such as the number of wear-resistant revolutions of the floor, formaldehyde emission, color and style, name of tree species, moisture content and so on, while they often pass by the problems of floor installation, skirting board, floor paint, floor glue, floor mat and so on, and don't care much, thinking that these are "minor details". In fact, the quality of the floor is important, but if there is no qualified professional installation team and good after-sales service, no matter how good the floor can not be paved, there will be problems. If the seemingly simple auxiliary materials such as floor paint, floor glue and floor mats are unsafe and environmentally friendly, then the most environmentally friendly floor will become a source of harmful substances due to these details; If the most basic auxiliary materials such as baseboard and buckle are not matched, the most beautiful floor will also be discounted, affecting the overall effect. Therefore, floor quality is important, and auxiliary materials and services cannot be ignored. Let's take a look at these together

skirting boards create different effects

now buy laminate floors, and manufacturers will distribute matching skirting boards. Generally speaking, current laminate manufacturers do not produce skirting boards themselves, but directly order skirting boards that match their products, so many manufacturers' skirting boards look similar, with similar quality and color. However, the skirting board is not only so simple to protect the corner, but also its beauty and visual effect are very important. Dark floors with a slightly shallow skirting board will give people a light feeling, while light floors with a slightly deeper skirting board will give people a sense of stability, especially for some colored floors, choosing different skirting boards will create completely different decorative effects, and the width of the skirting board also directly affects the paving effect

floor glue formaldehyde is also the helper of Nemesis

when laying laminate floors, what kind of floor glue to use will directly affect the quality of floor pavement and floor environmental protection. Now when you buy Laminate flooring, the flooring manufacturer provides free delivery and installation, and floor glue and mats are also presented with the floor. For these buy one get one free auxiliary materials, floor traders often call them special glue and floor mats, and consumers often don't care about these auxiliary materials that seem to spend no money and have actually been included in the floor price, and they can't understand them. In fact, the quality of floor glue directly affects the effect of floor pavement, and some free formaldehyde will gradually release into the surrounding air, causing pollution to the indoor air environment. In addition to comparing the quality, style and price of flooring, you should also consider comprehensively when purchasing flooring. Buying a reputable flooring is the most basic guarantee

floor paint makes solid wood floors invisible

because the vast majority of solid wood floors on the market are sprayed with UV paint. In order to reduce costs, floor traders specially start at places that consumers do not pay attention to, and the use of fake or non environmentally friendly glue is one of them

at present, most of the substrates used for laminate flooring are medium and high-density fiberboard or particleboard. The adhesives mainly used in the manufacturing process of these wooden materials are still formaldehyde based adhesives. Therefore, in the normal process of use, the adhesives will remain on the board, the color of the floor is not exquisite, and consumers who know little about tree species can only risk being cheated to buy fake products to buy beautiful solid wood flooring. When paving the solid wood floor, if the plain board is used for paving, after overall grinding and painting, it not only avoids the occurrence of floor joints, but also has strong integrity and natural beauty, and directly seals the floor joints when painting, making the floor more solid and durable, especially with good moisture-proof and dust-proof effects




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