Make full preparations for decoration in spring

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The climate in spring is moderate in temperature and humidity. The performance and structure of various decoration materials are relatively stable, and the designers and decoration workers who have just returned from the holiday are also energetic. Therefore, it is considered to be a good time for home decoration. Whether it is new construction or resumption of work, it is necessary for consumers to prepare in advance to ensure the safety of funds, materials and project quality

many consumers who got their new house keys at the end of last year naturally arranged the decoration in spring because they caught up with the new year. Consumers should know about decoration knowledge, capital budget, construction party selection and material purchase in advance before starting work, so as to avoid taking things for granted and save unnecessary decoration trouble. Before the commencement of construction, some new houses do not have the entry conditions for home decoration companies. Consumers should ensure that basic equipment such as pipelines, water and electricity can be used normally. These works need to contact the property management department for handling, and all of them should be completed before the commencement of construction

1. Home decoration companies shop around

choosing a decoration company with good construction qualification can not only ensure the quality of decoration, but also save the trouble of running errands and time for decoration households. Even if there are quality problems in the future, they can also rely on the decoration contract to avoid disputes. Planning director of Xianyang City family. Wen Qilong suggested that consumers can choose through media introduction, word-of-mouth communication of relatives and friends, and participation in weekend salon activities of home decoration companies. Of course, if they have time to go to the experience store of the decoration company to communicate with designers and experience the decoration effect of the model room, it is more conducive to choose a company suitable for them

2. After in-depth communication and finalization of the design, the next step is to negotiate the design scheme after selecting the decoration company. Tenglong, the designer of Jiuchao decoration, said that consumers should actively communicate with designers to provide family members' information, personal hobbies or special hobbies, living habits, taboos, religious beliefs and consumers' general ideas for decoration design. Only through in-depth communication, can designers create appropriate solutions according to the characteristics of consumers

3. Strict budget and sufficient funds

home decoration is the expenditure of one of the largest items of household consumption expenditure. Therefore, after finalizing the design scheme, consumers can ask designers to help formulate a detailed budget, including basic decoration and main materials, and according to the decoration grade plus the price of furniture and household appliances, consumers should prepare enough funds according to the decoration budget to ensure the smooth progress of the project after the commencement

4. Purchase furniture and building materials in advance

once the decoration starts, it means that all materials and products need to enter the site in time to ensure the construction period. The production and transportation cycle of many customized household products is as long as nearly a month, and it is definitely too late to cram temporarily. This requires consumers to order ceramic tiles, wooden doors, cabinets, sanitary wares, furniture and other products in advance before starting work. When purchasing, in addition to going to brand home stores and building materials cities, consumers may wish to buy the most economical products through group buying, online shopping and other forms





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