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Dejiu home furnishing originally originated from a medium and high-end home furnishing brand in Taiwan. It entered the mainland in 1997 and belongs to Xiamen Jili Industrial Co., Ltd

Dejiu home always adheres to the pursuit of consumers to enjoy a better life with fine manufacturing and fashionable style. At present, Dejiu home has become a modern home furnishing enterprise integrating product research and development, design, production, sales and system services

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the accelerating pace of life, consumers' acceptance of the concept of "overall home" and the continuous change of personalized needs, the overall customized home with a strong sense of fashion and design is pursued by more and more young people. Dejiu home, as one of the well-known domestic brands of overall customized home furnishings, in order to meet the desire of consumers to "enjoy a better life", it adopts a modern flexible production line with independent cabinets, wardrobes and wooden doors to continuously provide consumers with high-quality, healthy and environmental friendly overall home furnishing products

over the years, Dejiu whole home has won the honorary titles of "executive director unit of the cabinet Professional Committee of the furniture decoration chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce", "Chinese famous and high-quality products", "Chinese famous and high-quality green environmental protection products", "Gold Award for design in Fujian cabinet industry", "products with reliable quality", "excellent brand in Fujian cabinet industry", etc. Leveraging market opportunities for enterprises with brand advantages, creating value, and always leading the market in the same industry

Dejiu whole home adheres to the core values of "fairness, unity, integrity and freedom", and the working philosophy of "people-oriented" and "winning the market with high-quality products and services". Under the influence of the advantageous culture of the enterprise, every employee of Dejiu household has done a good job in every link of the work with a serious and responsible attitude, and met the various needs of consumers and customers with high-quality products and thoughtful and enthusiastic services

under the huge domestic market space, the overall customized home furnishing has developed rapidly, and while constantly innovating itself, it also caters to the various needs of domestic consumers. According to the latest market trends, with people's pursuit of life art and the requirements of personalized style, the overall home integration will become a new direction of development in the future. No matter how beautiful and practical a wardrobe is, it is placed in a space that is extremely incompatible with other furniture. It is only a single individual, and it cannot be integrated into the whole. If the style of a whole wardrobe is unified with that of beds, bookcases, hall cabinets, cabinets and other furniture, they will become a whole, and the style they show will be more prominent

Dejiu whole home involves customized home products in various aspects, such as customized cabinets, wardrobes, wooden doors, and home accessories. With the concept of whole house customization and integrated home gradually penetrating into the hearts of consumers, Dejiu home will stand at the peak of customized home brands with diversified products, unique design styles, leading technology, and extraordinary quality, Continue to lead the future in the medium and high-end overall customized home furnishing industry

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