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List of budget for new house decoration. Many owners have called to inquire about the budget. It can be seen that for many decoration owners, looking at the budget is a headache. Budget is related to the use of each expense in the decoration process, and it is a crucial link in the decoration. In the face of complex projects and numerous data, we need to have a certain understanding of the decoration, and we should also be cautious about the fishiness. Therefore, looking at the budget is not a simple primary school question

◆ first of all, what are the components of a formal budget

a formal budget is roughly divided into two parts. The first part is the title, and then the classification of budget items

part I: the title

needs to have the company name, contact number, contact address, customer name, contact number, construction address, designer, budget date and version, room type structure. These are the basic information of customers and decoration companies. We can basically see the importance and formality of a decoration company to the budget

Part II: project classification of budget book

generally, it is like this: serial number --- project name --- unit --- quantity --- unit price of main materials --- unit price of auxiliary materials --- labor price --- total --- brand specification and process --- remarks

1. Serial number/Project Name: you can see how many projects need to be constructed at home, and you can see where there are missing items and omissions in combination with drawings

2 Unit: you can know how the decoration company calculates the price. With this project, you can know whether the decoration company is greasy when making the budget. For example, some decoration companies like to fool consumers with general pricing units, which is a common budget trap for decoration companies

3. Quantity: it is a data to calculate the total quantities, which can be used to verify whether the decoration company calculates more or less quantities. If you have questions about the quantity given by the decoration company, you can measure the home decoration supervisor on the spot

. Unit price of main materials: the main materials are the items with the largest purchase amount in the decoration project, and its accuracy directly affects the total expenditure of decoration, so it must be carefully verified. Owners should go to the building materials market to get a general understanding of the prices and models of some main materials before decoration, so that it will be much more convenient to look at the budget

5. Unit price of auxiliary materials: auxiliary materials are the main content of the profit of a half package decoration company, which is related to how much money he can earn. Therefore, after running the price of main materials, this auxiliary material is the content to be discussed in detail with the decoration company, and may be the most important item to be negotiated in the whole budget

6. Labor unit price: there must be this item, which involves future settlement, especially for the person who clears the package. Because there is only one total price, if there is a problem with the construction quantity in the future, how to calculate it will become a trouble. At the same time, the labor unit price can sometimes see the quality of life

7. Brand specification and process: this project mainly describes the brand, model and some construction processes of the main materials or auxiliary materials. For example, the decoration company will write one bottom and two sides on this project in the latex paint. If you require one bottom and three sides, then add money; Vice versa

8. Remarks: for some other specific agreed clear signs, especially in the case of half package, which are provided by the owner and which need to be purchased by the decoration company, they can be marked here

reminder: consumers should pay attention not to choose home decoration enterprises solely based on price. Because so far, there is still a phenomenon that decoration companies use consumers' inexperience to play tricks on quotations





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