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Formaldehyde is called “ The first killer of indoor pollution ” This is not too much; Formaldehyde is the main cause of neonatal malformations, childhood leukemia, memory and intelligence decline in adolescents, and is identified as “ by who (World Health Organization); Carcinogenic and teratogenic substances ”. Long term exposure to low-dose formaldehyde can cause chronic poisoning, respiratory system, nervous system, reproductive system and other diseases

several common formaldehyde removal methods

① ventilation is effective, but it is difficult to achieve due to many external factors such as weather, insect and mosquito prevention, and bedroom; ② Water spray can adsorb formaldehyde and then fall to the ground, but when the water evaporates and the floor dries, formaldehyde will reappear, which does not effectively remove formaldehyde. Photocatalyst is the same principle; ③ The more common green pineapple in plants absorbs an average of 20 micrograms of formaldehyde per hour, and the adsorption efficiency is slow; ④ Activated carbon/bamboo charcoal has large pores, which are difficult to adsorb tiny odor molecules, slow adsorption and short validity period, and carbon dust is easy to cause secondary air pollution, which is difficult to achieve the effect; ⑤ The effect of the air purifier depends on purifying the filter bladder, and the cost is high

innovative black gold technology in formaldehyde removal industry

purification magic bean is a new generation of formaldehyde removal products that took several years to upgrade on the basis of nano mineral crystal by Mr. Li Canghai, the inventor of nano mineral crystal

inventor of nano mineral crystal vs purification magic bean

nano mineral crystal is a rare non-metallic mineral given to us by nature, such as sea foam earth, attapulgite, activated carbon, diatomite, natural zeolite, etc. it is a porous mineral adsorbent. These minerals are reasonably configured to form nano mineral crystal air purifier products. This achievement has obtained dual patent certification from China and the United States

how can purification magic beans achieve major innovation

from 2016 to 2017, Mr. licanghai, the inventor of nano minerals, spent several years upgrading nano minerals products and formulas, adding hepf high-energy purification factor. The newly upgraded nano minerals are purified magic beans, and the adsorption and decomposition efficiency has been greatly improved and enhanced. What is hepf high energy purification factor? Hepf high-energy purification factor is composed of a variety of nano mineral elements, which greatly enhances the efficiency and life of formaldehyde removal, and can emit “ Air vitamins ” Known as negative ions and have “ Life light wave ” Called far infrared ray, it deeply cares for the health of family members

four advantages, weeding out the old and bringing forth the new

1. Efficient aldehyde removal, long-term effective

the efficiency and use time of aldehyde removal are several times that of the old nano mineral crystals. The unopened shelf life is 60 months, and the use time of unopened is as long as 36 months

2. Continuous emission of negative ions far-infrared

according to medical data, air negative oxygen ions are known as vitamins in the air, which can degrade and neutralize harmful gases in the air. Regulate human physiological functions, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, prevent respiratory diseases, improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, reduce blood pressure, enhance people's appetite, and enhance skin elasticity

far infrared ray accelerates blood circulation, which is conducive to removing vascular deposits and harmful substances in the body, removing obstacles hindering metabolism, reviving tissues, promoting enzyme production, and achieving the purpose of activating tissue cells, preventing aging, and strengthening the immune system

3. Comprehensive treatment and one catch

can remove a variety of toxic and harmful gases in the air, including formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, xylene, TVOC, odor, etc

4. Maternal and infant safety

the production process of purified magic beans is fine. The finished products are free of carbon dust, clean, environment-friendly, non-toxic, and odorless. The physical principle of deodorization does not rely on fragrance to cover up the odor, and the physical deodorization is more green and environment-friendly

filter giant has been promoting innovation, and has been providing efficient and environmental friendly formaldehyde removal products for the majority of families with the spirit of craftsmanship of excellence. It has also been recognized and favored by the majority of consumers. What traditional formaldehyde removal methods will be subverted by the birth of purified magic beans this time? We are looking forward to the response of the market




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