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Sand bath rotary cylinder wheat frying machine

sand bath rotary cylinder wheat frying machine belongs to the technical field of brewing machinery and equipment. At present, the wheat used for brewing soy sauce should be fried first in terms of land use and sewage treatment. Generally, the infrared wheat frying machine is used. The fried wheat grains do not expand, which destroys the wheat protein and has no flavor. The fried wheat is black, and the machine consumes a lot of energy. Classification of sand bath rotary cylinder frying friction and wear experimental machine and precautions in operation the wheat machine effectively solves the above problems. Its advantages are: the design structure is novel and practical, the fried wheat grains are heated evenly, the fried wheat grains are expanded and yellow, the frying process does not damage the wheat protein and retains the original flavor, the machine is simple and convenient to operate, and the energy consumption in the operation process is less. The product has applied for a national patent and is suitable for all kinds of food processing plants

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