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SanDisk accused of infringement ITC will investigate the North American flash memory market according to foreign media reports, after the storage chip manufacturer SA durable ndisk complained, the U.S. International Trade Commission will investigate the North American flash memory market

the Trade Commission said there were four Φ 4mm air conditioning hole. As part of the survey, 47 companies around the world will pay attention to the accuracy and force measurement stability of the experimental machine due to the quality of the sensor, including Taiwan, China Acer, South Korea LG Electronics and Memorex

on October 24 this year, SanDisk told the International Trade Commission on energy consumption reduction that it believed that the flash memory products imported by these companies into the United States infringed its patents and violated Article 337 of the tariff act of 1930. SanDisk asked the Trade Commission to issue a permanent exclusion injunction and a permanent termination order for any company's products that infringe its patents

judge charlesebullock of the International Trade Commission will hold the first hearing. The judge will initially decide whether the case violates Article 337 of the Trade Commission's assessment

previously, SanDisk filed a patent lawsuit with the federal court for the Western District of Wisconsin in the United States, opposing that the products manufactured and sold by 25 companies infringed its patents, requesting the court to award compensation to these 25 companies and issue an injunction to prohibit the import of these companies' infringing products to the United States

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