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Sangoma provides updates on blackmail software attacks

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on January 15 (compiler/Lao Qin): sangoma Technologies Corporation is a trusted leader in providing cloud based communication as a service (CAAS) solutions, which provides further updates on the ongoing data disclosure investigation

sangoma has not experienced any service interruption or other interruptions due to the network attack against the company, and all customers can continue to use sangoma's full range of products and services. In addition to the company's own investigation, an experienced third-party network security expert team has not found any signs of security threats related to network attacks so far. These threats may bring any additional risks to sangoma's customers using its products, and there is no evidence that any intellectual property rights have been damaged

although this cyber attack undoubtedly created a lot of work for us, the most important point I want to emphasize to our investors is that our basic business has not changed and is still strong. Bill Wignall, President and CEO of sangoma, said: we continue to receive and process orders normally, our existing customers continue to use our products continuously, we continue to win new subscribers as always, we are still building our CAAS cloud solution, and our support for customers has not changed. Importantly, since December 24, we have not seen any significant impact on the order flow. Therefore, we currently expect that the network attack will not have any substantive impact on our sales or opportunities in the channel

Mr. Wignall continued: our company is still focused on providing sustainable growth and profits, while implementing the exciting acquisition opportunities in front of us. Of course, we will continue to work urgently to complete the investigation of this incident. We have taken many actions to support those who leak information due to data leakage. I am very confident that sangoma will emerge from this incident and become stronger than ever before. I look forward to the implementation of resource and environment resignation audit for leading cadres and providing a detailed update when reporting the second quarter results next month

as stated in the draft on December 29, sangoma's investigation confirmed that the attacker encrypted, copied and published a large number of confidential documents related to the company's financial information, the company's development efforts, some private employee data, as well as some customer information and ordering history. There is still no evidence that the leaked customer information includes bank account or payment card data

sangoma has taken immediate action to mitigate and manage the impact of this attack. In addition to retaining a third-party network security expert team to assist in the investigation, the company also submitted a report to law enforcement officers and deployed additional security measures to help detect and prevent any attempt or incident of unauthorized access to its company network or malicious activities in the future. In addition, the company also regularly updates employees about the events and the possible impact on the security of employees' personal data, and provides employees with measures to protect their personal information from abuse, and will launch a 24 month credit and dark network monitoring and identity theft insurance at the company's expense. Finally, sangoma has been actively contacting our customers (and other third parties whose data has been leaked) to provide clear information and appropriate support, and will continue to do so

At last, Wignall said: I would like to thank our customers, employees, partners and shareholders for their patience and support during this tight period when the export growth of China's extruder products will show a stable and progressive situation. We have received inquiries from some investors who want to know the latest situation of blackmail software attacks. We believe that this method will ensure that all stakeholders receive the same information at the same time. Sangoma will be launched this year. As always, we will respond to the cylinder liner and piston ring friction and wear test machine. We will continue to provide factual and accurate information, because during our ongoing investigation, these information will become available and suitable for sharing

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