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On May 11, Jiangxi Sanchuan Water Meter Co., Ltd. announced that it had signed contracts with Jinka High Tech Co., Ltd. to deal with key transportation and shopping malls, supermarkets The Metrological Inspection of temperature measuring equipment in public places where people such as hospitals gather is mainly used to adjust the size of the experimental space and confirm the direction of the control output during the commissioning process. When the calibration needs are particularly urgent, the cooperation framework agreement is issued. The two sides will expand business in the "interconnection plus" field and realize strategic upgrading

on May 11, Jiangxi Sanchuan Water Meter Co., Ltd. announced that it had signed a framework agreement with Jinka High Tech Co., Ltd. on cooperation with the Innovation Agency in combination with different products. The two sides would expand business in the "Internet plus" field and realize strategic upgrading

IOT water meter

Jiangxi Sanchuan Water Meter Co., Ltd. and Jinka High Tech Co., Ltd. are listed companies. They have extensive marketing networks and end users accumulated for many years in their respective industrial fields, and extend the industrial chain to downstream fields. Their respective IOT water meters and IOT gas meters have been successfully introduced to the market

IOT water meter is the first new product launched by Sanchuan shares in China, and it is also the main part of the development strategy of Sanchuan shares in recent years. Sanchuan shares hopes to rapidly improve its market in the IOT field. Through capital increase, it controls Hangzhou Sanchuan guode IOT Technology Co., Ltd. (the company is a software enterprise that provides products and services for the informatization construction of the water supply industry); At the same time, it signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement on smart water and big data application with China Mobile IOT Co., Ltd. to jointly build smart water, promote the establishment of water resources management and security system, and jointly create the application of water resources big data

the IOT gas meter is also a new product successfully developed by golden card in 2014. It hopes to gradually build an online platform based on IOT gas meters in the future

it can be said that IOT meter is the common research and development direction of Sanchuan shares and gold card shares, and it is also the platform foundation for both sides to gradually build IOT meters in the future. This cooperation is mutually beneficial. The two sides will establish a long-term strategic partnership based on the principles of complementary advantages and resource sharing; With the help of the market and marketing, develop equipment marketing resources that can replace imported products, especially in cities covered by both sides, so as to form synergy and jointly promote business development; Cooperate in the technical research and development of IOT instruments; Share resources and cooperate in the construction of IOT platform and its data sharing, mining and analysis

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