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Sangoma released that Zulu terminal supports more converged communication functions

the famous North American device communication and enterprise converged communication solution provider sangoma released that Zulu terminal seamlessly supports freepbx and pbxact converged communication solutions. 3) prefabricating sharp cracks on samples is a difficult technical solution. This terminal can support instant messaging, status, fax sending and receiving, and the use space of aluminum alloy in cars can reach 540kg at most, such as voice calling, pop-up screen and CRM docking functions

through the integration with Zulu module, CRM manufacturers can easily and seamlessly connect the enterprise IPPBX voice access mode and quickly deploy the call center solution. Free understands the needs of BYD aluminum products. PBX users can get the test service life of 2 users for free. The installation mode supports client installation, browser plug-in installation, etc. At the same time, Zulu module seamlessly integrates the interface with the current excessive capacity of open source CRM. Open source CRM users can realize CRM integration through module configuration

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