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Sanhui SS7 VoIP customs builds China Mobile's high concurrency VNO operation system

China Railcom is one of China's largest operators. Founded on December 20, 2000, it is a large-scale basic telecommunications operator in China. It was incorporated into China Mobile Communications Corporation in 2008 and operates independently as its subsidiary. Since the beginning of 2014, in order to expand the system capacity, improve the use efficiency and user connection efficiency of the system, and improve the communication satisfaction of the growing customer base, China Railcom has decided to adopt smg2120 digital VoIP gateway with high-speed SS7 link of Sanhui as the basic hardware architecture of Telecom call and global card business through more than three months of stress test. In terms of management software, China Railcom continues to use the original vos2009 system, and the IP switch remains unchanged, so as to achieve the lowest cost and maximize the system efficiency

background analysis:

(2008 data) China Railway connect is one of the largest operators in China, with 31 provincial branches, 321 municipal branches and 70000 employees. It is a large-scale basic telecommunications operation enterprise in China. China Railway connect adopts advanced technology to build a complete, unified, advanced and nationwide communication, with 400000 kilometers of communication lines, more than 50 million lines of office switches and more than 3 million data service ports, It can provide fixed local, domestic and international long-distance, IP, data transmission, interconnection, video, cards, call centers, virtual private, network hosting, fax storage and forwarding and other basic and value-added telecommunications services

for a long time, in addition to the self built IP and TDM networks, the virtual operation VNO business of China Railway connect includes value-added services such as international long-distance 17995, which mainly adopts the third-party management software switch and hardware infrastructure. In order to meet the rapidly growing business needs, improve the network efficiency, and make full use of the existing network facilities, CTT needs to choose more carrier level redundant backup hardware equipment to meet the above requirements

main challenges:

for a long time, China Railway connect's VNO service mainly uses distributed off devices to access PSTN users with SS7 signaling. When the devices are fully loaded (during the peak period of holidays), the connection success rate is only about 90%. Even if the access is successful, there is a relay establishment delay of more than 10 seconds in many cases of congestion. CTT needs a new and highly adaptive backup operation system to solve the above problems. The existing equipment providers cannot fully meet the requirement of obtaining efficient SS7 signaling access and system redundancy at the lowest cost

in addition, in the case of high capacity, such as 100% single machine full concurrency and simultaneous use of lines, how to balance the load, reasonably allocate IP resources, improve network efficiency and maintain the stability of the whole system is also a big problem. In the case of high load, voice quality is often greatly affected, reducing the communication efficiency, forcing some users to flee

finally, the system scheme of Tietong requires carrier level stability, and there are relatively high requirements for software and hardware redundancy, power supply design and heat dissipation system. To ensure that the system works in various complex environments with 365X24, hardware equipment with more than 160000hrs MTBF is required. At the same time, space efficiency is also required to be high. It is gapless and compatible with the existing Avaya, Cisco and Huawei IP switches and the existing Vos IP soft switch system of Tietong all over the world, so as to ensure that the hardware switching cost of Tietong is minimized


since the beginning of 2014, Tietong has begun to test the Sanhui SMG Series in the laboratory and in the real environment, and the experimental site is selected in the call intensive Beijing Branch. After three months of comparative analysis, the call business of China Railway connect decided to adopt the product line of Sanhui, based on the vos2009 management software, and adopt the smg2120 digital relay gate of Sanhui to establish a high-capacity divisional VoIP call voice system. Through the analysis with Aoke audiocodes and other domestic brands, Tietong decided to choose the SMG level of Sanhui for four main reasons:

1) Sanhui's products have a carrier level architecture, which fully guarantees the 365*24 long-term operation of the system in terms of software and hardware design. SMG series VoIP SS7 products adopt 1U compact design, support dual power supply hot backup, dual high-speed 1000m Ethernet excuse, and have port automatic diagnosis and reset function. The excellent multi-channel intelligent cooling system fully ensures the long-term high load operation stability of the system

2) highly compatible with third-party IP switches and management software. After completing the basic configuration, CTT can effectively connect smg2120 with its existing IP PBX (Avaya, Cisco). In connection with the Vos management software, Sanhui also provides a configurable interface to better utilize the standards and value-added functions of Vos without changing the overall system architecture of Tietong

3) compared with the existing VoIP switching equipment of CTT, the connection efficiency and success rate of SMG are significantly improved. SMG integrates the SS7 signaling technology that Sanhui has served for global sp for more than 20 years. Not only can isdn-pri and SS7 be switched and backed up freely, but also the 64Kbps 96 links (2m 48 high-speed links) of SS7 can provide SS7 backup, greatly shorten the call establishment time and improve the relay success rate. It has the capabilities of handshake, inspection, error control, congestion control, redundant backup, etc., which significantly improves the user's call experience

4) in the case of large-scale and high-density concurrent calls, it has better carrying capacity, and the voice quality remains stable. In the 2000-5000 parallel call environment, SMG can maintain clear voice performance without voice delay. SMG adopts special software, hardware and technology to optimize voice quality, including 128ms echo processing (g.168), QoS, CNG, TOS, dynamic anti jitter and other technologies, special built-in chips for SIP and voice processing, automatic balance of IP resources and overload protection, and reduce the use of IP resources to save the cost of telecommunications bandwidth


through the SMG series of related products provided by Sanhui company, China Railcom can develop a more competitive VoIP operation system by radiating to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and South America. Based on smg2120 (1U 4E1) and smg3016 (1U 16e1), CTT can improve the stability, concurrency and scalability of the system in a very short time. A strain force sensor is fixed to prohibit the rotation of the block around its central axis, which improves the user experience and communication efficiency

Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. reminds you of the following precautions:

the operation VoIP scheme based on SMG off +vos provided by Sanhui company brings the following advantages to CTT PSTN users:

1. In the case of high concurrency, the system remains stable, with uneven stress on both sides of the sample in the tensile process after installation, high-quality voice and call establishment ability, and improves the use efficiency and profitability of the system

2. Carrier level redundant backup, more reliable system expansion, and the system architecture maintains high stability and reliability when the concurrency is higher than 2000 lines

3. Ensure 365*24 long-term operation of the system, dual power supply redundancy and network redundancy guarantee, and ensure the uninterrupted communication system in case of sudden circuit failure

4. Excellent voice processing and SS7 call connection performance, fully ensuring the effect of VoIP communication

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