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Sanctions against Iran have been officially lifted. Iran cheers its return to the world economic family

[Global Times comprehensive report] after 12 years of negotiations, the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue reached in July last year ushered in a key "implementation day" on the 16th. The European Union and Iran announced the implementation of the nuclear agreement on the same day, and the economic and financial sanctions related to the Iranian nuclear issue were lifted. U.S. President Barack Obama said in a speech on the 17th, "this is a beautiful day". In the face of nuclear weapons, Iran took away its hand. Iranian President Rouhani said on the 17th that after the formal implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement, Iran's ties with the world "opened a new chapter"

EU high representative for foreign and security policy mogherini and Iranian foreign minister Zarif jointly read out a joint statement on the implementation of the agreement in Vienna on the evening of the 16th. The relevant sanctions imposed by the United States, the European Union and the United Nations on Iran have been completely lifted. The two sides stressed that the implementation of the agreement is enough to prove that diplomatic efforts can solve international difficult problems. The global times saw at the scene that when mogherini and Zarif announced the arrival of the "implementation day" of the Iran nuclear agreement, there was thunderous applause on the scene. An Iranian told the global times that the Iranian people are very much looking forward to this moment, and many Iranian people are very distressed by the sanctions for many years

Zarif, mogherini and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry held talks in Vienna for more than ten hours before officially announcing the entry of the "implementation day". An anonymous source revealed that the United States and Iran still have differences on Iran's long-term nuclear research and development plan, so there was a delay at the last moment of announcing the "implementation day", but this did not lead to the abortive implementation of the agreement

at the same time, "voice of Germany" said that Iran announced the release of five Americans on the 16th, four of whom were part of the prisoner exchange agreement between the two countries, including the head of the Washington Post station in Tehran. On the 17th, three Americans boarded a plane from Tehran to Switzerland

Iranian television said that Iranian President Rouhani issued a statement on the 17th, saying that lifting the sanctions was a "turning point" for the Iranian economy, paving the way for the Iranian economy to reintegrate into the world. Rouhani also said in the Iranian parliament on the same day that after getting rid of the heavy burden of sanctions, Iran will attract 300 foreign investment every year. In addition to the above conventional instruments, Iran should also be equipped with: cardboard bursting tester, cardboard compression tester, quantitative sampler, water absorption tester, folding tester, whiteness tester, smoothness tester, US $100 billion to US $50 billion, and the economic growth is expected to reach 8%. The global times participated in the first press conference held by the Iranian government after the "implementation day" on the 17th. Iranian domestic and foreign media are generally concerned about Iran's future economic development. Rouhani said at the meeting that the Iranian government will focus on adjusting its economic structure and get rid of its dependence on oil. It is also reported that Iran plans to reduce its military spending by $400million from 2016 to 2017 to $8.9 billion

Chinese Foreign Minister Wangyi said on the 17th that the arrival of the "implementation day" will undoubtedly have a demonstration effect on the international nuclear non-proliferation system currently facing tests; Today is a day worth celebrating for the Iranian people who yearn for peace and development

it is reported that according to the comprehensive agreement, the EU lifted sanctions against Iran, but Liang Yaqi said that the areas of sanctions include finance, oil and gas exports, aviation equipment, etc; The United States will liberalize the financial transactions of Iranian individuals and organizations, and liberalize the trading of Iranian currency, such as the rial. The British guangheng deformation control broadcasting company said that due to the impact of Western sanctions, the average daily crude oil exports of Iran, a major oil country, were limited to 1.1 million barrels. After the lifting of sanctions, Iran will immediately increase the average daily crude oil export level by 500000 barrels, and will increase another 500000 barrels in the future. Iran's overseas assets of about $100billion will also be unfrozen. In addition, the international financial system will be reopened to Iran, allowing it to re-enter the arms of the international market economy. Western multinational companies will also be allowed to enter Iran for investment and cooperation, and many international giants can't wait to enter the Iranian market. According to Bloomberg 17, Iran's minister of roads and urban development announced that he would purchase 114 passenger planes from Airbus before the sanctions against Iran were lifted. Iran confirmed on the 17th that the Russian Minister of agriculture was about to visit Tehran on the 19th, "it is possible to sign an agreement on the export of Iranian dairy products to Russia and discuss the reduction of tariffs on the export of Iranian goods to Russia"

the New York Times said on the 17th that after the lifting of sanctions, Iran can finally join the world economic family. The article said that the implementation of the agreement coincided with the critical period of the government led by Iranian President Rouhani. When ruhani came to power, he promised to let Iran get rid of the sanctions that caused great damage. Iranian officials quickly dismantled nuclear facilities so that they could announce before the February election that Iranian assets, mainly from oil sales, had been unfrozen and could be used to support the country's economic development

the New York Times said that for Obama, although criticized by the Republicans, lifting the sanctions is still an important step towards ending the hostility between the two countries for more than 30 years. In the last few months of his presidency, this move will obviously become a prominent political achievement because it can realize Obama's commitment to reverse the relationship between the two countries

however, the arrival of the "implementation day" caused dissatisfaction among U.S. allies. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on the 16th that "even if Iran has signed a nuclear agreement, it has not given up its ambition to acquire nuclear weapons and then assemble such material plates into door plates". The Washington Post said on the 16th that some U.S. allies believed that after the lifting of sanctions, Iran would use the unfrozen funds to support terrorist forces in the Middle East as an agent for regional dominance. The Huffington Post said that U.S. allies do not want Washington and Tehran to sit together, and the road for the United States and Iran to become friends is still long

"voice of America" said on the 17th that the implementation of the agreement does not mean that all U.S. sanctions against Iran will be lifted. The sanctions imposed on Iran for human rights and terrorism will continue to be maintained. On the 17th, the United States announced new sanctions against Iran's missile program, banning 11 entities and individuals from using U.S. banking. Some analysts believe that in the long run, the extent to which Iran will strictly abide by the nuclear agreement depends on Iran's judgment of the surrounding situation, including the degree of weapons research and development of other countries in the Middle East. For example, whether and to what extent Saudi Arabia, another influential country in the region, will seek to possess nuclear weapons

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