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Sand Glass Group: explore a new model of glass marketing

when it comes to the innovation of glass enterprises, most people will think of unique products, different technologies, etc., and few enterprises show differences in marketing models. In 2013, sand glass group took an important step in promoting the innovation of marketing model in the glass industry

trade expansion is at the forefront

on November 8, 2013, Shabo Glass Group Co., Ltd. and Bohai commodity exchange launched a variety of flat glass (Shahe), commodity code bfgsh. It is understood that through in-depth cooperation with Bohai commodity exchange, Shanghai Glass Group will realize electronic trading of its ten brands of "welcome, safety, great light, great wall, Zhengda, Dejin, Xinli, Yuanhua, jihengyuan and Haisheng" through an innovative spot trading mode, so as to form a seamless connection between the traditional spot market and the modern spot market, give full play to the advantages of industrial clusters and highlight the brand effect of the group, Promote industrial transformation and upgrading

for a long time, the glass industry has adopted the dealer business model, which has played a certain role in expanding the sales scale at the initial stage of the enterprise, but it has separated the contact between manufacturers and end users, and manufacturers cannot directly understand the needs of end customers. After the listing of flat glass (Shahe), this situation has been changed, allowing manufacturers to face users directly, which is of positive significance for the value discovery and price integration of glass products

in addition, in the face of the contradiction between supply and demand of rigid production and cyclical demand, the traditional sales model also shows its shortcomings, often oversupply and vicious price war. Innovating marketing mode and expanding sales channels are important ways to resolve the contradiction between supply and demand, alleviate overcapacity and speed up scientific and technological innovation. Through glass spot electronic disk trading, the proportion of spot trading can be greatly increased to achieve rapid sales of products

this is the leading glass spot electronic disc variety in China, which has played an important role in promoting the realization of electronic delivery of glass spot by Saudi Arabia Glass Group and strengthening the industrial position of Saudi Arabia glass group. The cooperation between the two sides has also become a powerful starting point for Saudi Arabia glass group to integrate and extend the industrial chain and optimize the development of the glass industry

since its launch, Bo Shang therefore protects a fair and orderly market competition environment with its innovative comprehensive electronic spot delivery "At present, the e-commerce platform has really established channels for trading enterprises and dealers to buy, sell, finance and finance goods; it has helped consumer enterprises lock in procurement costs and easily obtain low-cost sources of goods; at the same time, it has also enabled Shahe glass production enterprises to lock in sales profits and reduce the possible risks caused by market price fluctuations. The spot trading mode and supporting measures innovated by Boshang have gradually become Shahe glass The new function of industry driving regional economic development

in addition, in 2013, Sabo group's enterprises are also more actively participating in the futures trading market. Sand Glass Group actively participates in the futures trading of flat glass in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange. At present, it has set up three factory warehouses: Shahe Safety Industry Co., Ltd., Hebei Daguang industrial Jiajing Glass Co., Ltd. and Hebei Dejin Glass Co., Ltd. to lock in production profits through hedging and other means, and the physical delivery volume is also among the best in the country. The influence of Sand Glass Group on glass futures is also becoming more and more obvious, and then it has the voice to calibrate the national benchmark price of glass, and the position of the weathervane of the national glass industry is becoming increasingly prominent

e-commerce helps industrial upgrading

as an important glass production, processing and sales base in China, e-commerce in Shahe glass industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Shahe e e-commerce enterprises, represented by Shahe glass, have actively built service platforms such as online trade and orders, creating more profits for Shahe glass enterprises

in order to achieve the goal of 100 billion yuan of Shahe glass industry and break the bottleneck of Shahe glass industry development, formlabs launched two new dental 3D printing resin materials. Combined with the basic advantages of Shahe glass industry development, Shahe Glass Group focused on the development of characteristic glass industry electronic commerce platform through e-commerce platform, which has been rapidly developed and widely used in Shahe glass industry

based on e-commerce stations such as glass Baba and Shahe glass, integrate the information resource channels of glass production enterprises, sales enterprises and many glass deep-processing enterprises in Shahe region, whose energy accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy, and integrate them into Shahe glass trading platform. Carry out transactions through B2B, C2C and other ways, forming the informatization and polymorphic development of glass sales network, Sales of flat glass through e-commerce reached 10million weight boxes

The glass deep processing industry in Shahe City has developed rapidly in recent years and has formed a relatively perfect industrial system. Form a clear and complete industrial chain from the procurement of raw materials, finished product processing and commodity sales. The products have developed from a single sliding door to thousands of varieties, such as silver mirror, color mirror, coated glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, art glass, photo glass, glass mosaic, glass furniture and so on

as of 2013, the city has more than 400 deep-processing production enterprises of various types of glass, with more than 11000 employees. The deep-processing output of glass has reached 5million weight boxes, the deep-processing rate has reached more than 35%, and the annual output value has exceeded 10billion yuan. The development speed is very rapid

the glass deep processing business in Shahe City takes decoration glass as its strength, focuses on the manufacturing of sliding door glass, and focuses on the production of tempered, Low-E, hollow, bathroom, color crystal panel, background wall glass, etc. the deep processing of glass machinery, glass chemicals, glass materials, glass creativity, glass e-commerce, glass logistics and other supporting industries are complete, and has become an important glass deep processing product production Their apparent density is smaller, and they are selling and distributing bases

with the vigorous development of Shahe glass industry and the building of related supporting industries, Shahe City is preparing to build a large-scale modern warehousing and logistics center with complete service supporting facilities. To this end, Sabo group will invest 2.2 billion yuan to build a large-scale modern glass industry warehousing and logistics center covering an area of 1500 mu. The center is positioned as a comprehensive service-oriented center. It will not only build storage centers and distribution centers, but also provide logistics services for enterprises in the region and surrounding counties and cities. At the same time, it will build B2B trading platforms, exhibition centers, trading halls, logistics centers, storage centers, cutting and circulation processing centers, including catering, accommodation and other auxiliary facilities, and strive to build a modern, information-based The large-scale "China Shahe international glass warehousing and logistics center" is commercialized

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