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"Small devices" condense "great wisdom" - localization of intelligent sensors is an important factor in the development of intelligent power plants

now power generation groups are building intelligent power plants, in which there are no technical problems in automatic control, and the most important is the application of fieldbus. Because of its high price, fieldbus has no advantages and large-scale applications. The main reason is that its core component intelligent sensor still needs to be further accelerated localization. Recently, sun Changsheng, Deputy Secretary General of Zhejiang electric power test and Research Institute, said in an interview

sensor price leads to high cost of Fieldbus

intelligent power plant is based on the application of advanced sensor and actuator technology (including fieldbus and wireless communication measurement and control equipment), modern information processing and communication technology, as well as advanced control methods and analysis and decision-making technology

in the process of intelligent power plant promotion, fieldbus control has become an important part. According to the experts of Xi'an Institute of thermal engineering, the significance of fieldbus control system is that a large number of equipment level digital status and diagnostic information will not increase the cost and real-time communication load when transmitted to the central control room, which can not only change equipment troubleshooting to equipment status maintenance, but also provide a basis for management decisions

because fieldbus has significant advantages in power plant informatization and real-time diagnosis, equipment management, saving construction investment and so on. Therefore, the application of Fieldbus Technology in intelligent power plants is the general trend

at present, the foundation for the successful implementation of the fieldbus control project in Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant is 6 After the experiment, Huaneng Chaohu, Huaneng Jiutai, Huaneng Jinling, Yuedian Pinghai, Huaneng Qinling, Shenhua Shengli, Huadian Xinjiang Changji and other power plants have fully or partially adopted the fieldbus control system in the auxiliary control system

the industry believes that fieldbus control technology is the foundation for building intelligent power plants. Spraying workers no longer need to stir resin materials or wait for liquid heating parts and core technology. However, the price of Fieldbus has been high, which hinders the promotion of intelligent power plants. Asked about the reasons, sun Changsheng said: first, there are not many fieldbus products to choose from. Second, the price of communication components and sensors is too high

fieldbus can save a lot of cables through communication, and save cable investment at the same time. However, due to the high price of communication components and sensors, the advantages brought by cable price are offset

we should comprehensively promote the localization process of sensors

with the continuous expansion of the scale of production automation, some product quality indicators, such as viscosity, hardness, surface finish, etc., cannot be quickly and directly measured and controlled by using traditional sensors. The sensor with intelligent technology can solve the above problems

it is generally believed in the industry that the heart of industrial automation is a new generation of advanced intelligent sensors, which enable the continuous operation of product production lines and connect to high-performance programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI) systems through low delay and real-time network cleaning

at present, domestic intelligent sensor innovation is insufficient. The slow development of sensors is one of the factors that hinder the construction of intelligent power plants, and the prospect is one tenth bright. There is still a gap between domestic sensors and imported products in terms of reliability. In particular, intelligent sensors are imported from abroad. Domestic sensors account for a small share. In addition, domestic bidding did not give preference to domestic products. There is no market for products, and enterprises are unwilling to invest in small devices, resulting in insufficient research and development. Finally, the price of Fieldbus can not be reduced. Sun Changsheng said

he said that in the future, the localization process of intelligent sensors should be comprehensively promoted to provide space for domestic fieldbus and instrument applications. Only after there is a market can there be investment, so that enterprises can continue to develop and apply, and promote the development of intelligent power plants

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