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The "China Red" glass curtain wall of the "bird's nest" of the Beijing Olympic Games has made the previously unknown diamond glass popular in public view. Nowadays, under the financial tsunami, many small and medium-sized enterprises' exports are blocked, but this private enterprise in Shantou has once again attracted people's attention with its impressive year-on-year increase of 110%

the secret of success lies in the sense of innovation. Diamond glass can always capture business opportunities around social hot spots. From bomb proof glass born in response to terrorist attacks to Hurricane proof glass developed inspired by Hurricane Katrina, it is not a homogeneous product with market competition. "We always appear in the most difficult places," said Zhuang Dajian, chairman of diamond glass

Guangzhou TV Tower, which will become the landmark of Guangzhou new city, has its steel outer tube twisted 45 degrees from the bottom up. It looks beautiful and graceful, but the construction is difficult. Once the glass is installed, it is difficult to replace it. This requires strong and durable glass. The hurricane proof glass developed by King Kong specifically for the United States and other places vulnerable to hurricanes has become the ultimate choice. We can see that the hurricane proof glass composed of four layers of glass is 49 mm thick. The double-layer hurricane proof structure plus the middle air layer will not affect the wind resistance of the inner glass even if the outer glass is damaged, and it can resist the top-level 17 super typhoon. 1 machine multi-purpose

what makes diamond glass famous at home and abroad is the glass curtain wall project of "bird's nest". The "bird's nest" needs up to 4 glasses. 6 meters, which has baffled many overseas enterprises and large state-owned enterprises. Diamond glass obtained orders by technology. King Kong glass is also specially coated with a layer of red enamel lines, which makes the "bird's nest" glow beautiful Chinese red under the light

King Kong glass can always find market innovation points around social hot spots. If they see many large fire accidents at home and abroad, they will develop fire-proof glass that will not soften and burst for more than 3 hours in the high-temperature flame of 1000 degrees Celsius; After the "9.11" terrorist attack, they found that 75% of the personal injuries were related to glass, so they developed bomb proof glass, which could not be exploded by 400 kilograms of explosives 15 meters away

nowadays, diamond glass will launch new products every year, and the next one may be solar glass. Its battery embedded in glass can turn the glass curtain wall of the building or the roof of the building into a power generation device. With a 93 square meter glass roof, the daily power generation can reach up to 18 kwh. In 2007, the product was exhibited in Europe, and orders have poured in

Zhuang Dajian said that the financial tsunami "has no impact on us". Diamond glass is expected to export up to US $12million this year, an increase of 110% over last year. "From the beginning, we have focused on high value-added products. The price of exported products is five or six times higher than that of ordinary glass. Some products are more expensive than takeout. If the pattern is removed, the wear layer will be removed by 3. Lubricate 0% - 40% with 100 oil." In sharp contrast, a large number of small and medium-sized glass processing enterprises with the same process can make a profit of 5%

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