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Small labels pry food safety. Nanjing, Jiangsu officially released the specifications for the use of takeaway seals

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in order to protect the "last mile" of takeaway food safety, the market supervision bureau of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu catering industry association, Alibaba local life service company Nanjing Institute of standardization and other units worked together to develop the local standard of "one-time sealing and signing specifications for catering takeout" which was officially released a few days ago. The standard makes detailed provisions from four aspects: classification, material, information and use

the so-called "one-time sealing of catering takeout" refers to the one-time sealing package adopted to ensure the food safety of takeout distribution and prevent the outer package of delivered food from being manually opened or accidentally damaged during transportation. The seal is made of special materials. Once the seal is opened or the outer package is damaged, it cannot be restored to its original state, reducing the possibility of pollution in the distribution process

the two-dimensional code containing food safety traceability information can be loaded on the seal to realize one code for one meal. This kind of material can also be added before and after testing by the Academy of military medicine of the Academy of Military Sciences, the Institute of physical and chemical technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, aerospace Shenzhou Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. and other authoritative institutions, including food operator brands, relevant information signs and food safety propaganda slogans, Combined with the "Internet ++ bright kitchen and bright stove" social co governance intelligent supervision platform, we can achieve the goals of information available, food materials traceable, processing visible, and distribution controllable, which not only allows consumers to consume "openly", but also provides strong support for the regulatory authorities to realize the "whole chain" supervision of takeaway meals

the introduction of this standard provides a basic basis for enterprises to choose and use sealing labels when we summarize more methods. At present, there are many kinds of food packaging forms and sealing label styles on the market. Nanjing market supervision bureau has selected the basic categories, stipulated the material of sealing label, the qualified inspection position suitable for rapid and nondestructive inspection of seamless steel pipe materials, and the use method, etc., provided specifications for enterprises to choose and use sealing labels, and formulated standards, so that enterprises can "seal", "seal right" and "seal well"

resolutely prevent pollution problems in takeout distribution. There have been media reports about takeaway riders' stealing, exposing, and swapping consumers' meals, which has triggered a panic among consumers about online ordering food. The standards have standardized the distribution behavior, making consumers more confident about online ordering food

the safety of distribution links is divided. As an innovative measure to ensure the healthy and benign development of the online ordering industry, the "one arm (single column) and two arm (portal) experimental machines with disposable plastic seals for catering takeaway, and the metal ones are two arm (portal) (two column) experimental machines or four column labels" not only ensures the safety and pollution-free distribution of meals, but also clearly divides the catering service operators and takeaway riders

promoted the quality and safety level of the catering industry in the city. The standard specifies the sealing material, classification, location and use method. It will promote the standardized management level of catering services, drive more catering service providers to actively implement the main body, and improve the quality and safety level of the catering industry in the city

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